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Let's talk about....I. Magnin

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by Patentleathershoes, Feb 5, 2005.

  1. Patentleathershoes

    Patentleathershoes VFG Veteran VFG Past President

    Noted Hollis! Thank you very much.

    I think I have em all in order more or less now. As people add to this list, I will ad them to the list!
  2. pastperfect2

    pastperfect2 Alumni +

    Here she is:
    The Dress this is in dates from 1920 - 23 at the very latest. I think 1921. The label is stitched into a petersham band at the dropped waist.

    The 'Chez' makes me giggle a bit.


  3. fuzzylizzie

    fuzzylizzie Alumni

    Great going on this one. I can't believe we didn't have Chez Magnin already!

    Maureen, just whenever you are ready to do the history/bio will be perfectly fine.

  4. Patentleathershoes

    Patentleathershoes VFG Veteran VFG Past President

    Yay! I got it Hollis

    If anyone wants to add anything more specific about the clothing item that I missed (what it is or any secondary labels), or any narrower year frame let me know and I will edit the label post.

    I can't wait to see what else Maureen might have in her stash (or maybe her mother's!). (and Lin too!)

    We''ll just have something to look forward to after the Rockabilly workshop that Maureen is being such a busy bee about. :) I can't wait for that either!
  5. Noir*Boudoir

    Noir*Boudoir Guest

    "chez Magin, California, Paris" - aw bless!
    Such a cusp... switching from enslavement to Paris fashions, waaaay over the spine of the continent to the Pacific where the new money is going to build something exciting...

    re: labels from me - Chris, it's just an excuse for me to buy more sweaters! So far I have lines for Bonwit Teller, B Altman, Lillywhites, Lord & Taylor and Halle Bros (who we also need a resource-confab for I think?), but I'm positive I've spotted magnin ass'd with something else...

    great array of labels!

  6. Patentleathershoes

    Patentleathershoes VFG Veteran VFG Past President

    Oh! When you said "I'll see if I can get my hands on one for you" I thought you meant it was a matter of going through your closet and taking the time to scan it. I didn't realize you meant that you were going to go buy more sweaters :) Hee hee
  7. Noir*Boudoir

    Noir*Boudoir Guest

    Oh Chris... you don't know the DEPTHS of my credit card depravity...

    (actually, I had thought I had one, but I don't... got mixed up with Halle for some reason)
  8. Wow, I am in awe of Hollis' "chez I. Magnin" label!!

    I bow at your feet oh great one!!
    I'm not worthy!
    I'm not worthy!
    :P :P :P :P

    Chris, this is the Travel Lite set.


    Here's one that's currently listed in my mall shop. This is so cool. It's a 1960s bed jacket from I. Magnin with the tags still attached. The date on the back of the tag says February 3, 1961! Can't argue with that label date! :P

    1961 Sade for I. Magnin Bed Jacket, a B. Cohen Original


    Original Tag Front & Back (I'd love to see the tag included on the resource page! That would be kinda cool and unique!!)


    I'm willing to wager good money that some young bride received this as a gift from an old grandmother as a shower gift! "Uh, thanks grandma. I'll just tuck it away in the closet for safe keeping or until I'm as old as you are..."

    :) Maureen
  9. Noir*Boudoir

    Noir*Boudoir Guest

    Duh. I was confused, I *do* have a Magnin label.

    Ballantyne must have done sweaters for them in the early-mid-50s. I haven't worked out the dates of their labels yet, but this does look like an older version:

    <img src="http://www.vc-mall.com/mall/182/ballantyneforImagnin.jpg">

    The lettering for 'Magnin' doesn't really bear any relation to their own labels, 'cos like Pringle, Ballantyne added their own adapted labels in the factory - the export lines were a huge proportion of their overall output.

    (credit card breathes sigh of relief).

  10. pastperfect2

    pastperfect2 Alumni +

    Halle Bros - I've had so many things from them from all periods and I didn't save the labels!

    Oh poop.

  11. Noir*Boudoir

    Noir*Boudoir Guest



  12. Patentleathershoes

    Patentleathershoes VFG Veteran VFG Past President

    Ok...I put the sadies label and Lin's label in order in the post earlier on the thread.

    That's cool to have the original tag, Maureen. Maybe Lizzie will want to put it in too.
  13. pastperfect2

    pastperfect2 Alumni +

    The California Design book came - abit of a disapointment at the price, but there is some information on I. Magnin.

    What follows is pretty much lifted from the text, so will need to be rewritten before being included in the Label Resource -can't have that nasty plagiarism.

    I Magnin - Founded 1876 by Isaac and Mary Ann Magin in San Francisco. Their son John joined the firm in 1888, and they bgan expanding in 1892. Buying trips to Europe came in 1904, with branches opening in 1912 and son Grover staying in SF and John heading to NYC to buy.

    Third son Joseph Magnin started his own SF store (Joseph Magnin) in 1913. He ended up with branches in Northrn CA, LA and Reno.

    The I. Magnin Custom Salon began in the 1960s. They did line for line repros of licensed Paris designers - Balenciaga, St. Laurent and Cardin. Run in SF by Henriette Moon, and in LA by Stella Hanania . The Custom Salon was indeed custom, made to order with mutiple fittings with a muslin tag in the hem with the name of th couturier and model number.

    By the mid 1940s - branches in San Francisco, Seattle, LA, Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Santa Barbara, Coronado.

    Joseph Magnin carried an exclusive Howard Greer line in 1949 and a Rudi Gernreich line in 1953 - Couturier Casuals.

    All branches had closed by the early 1990s.

  14. Patentleathershoes

    Patentleathershoes VFG Veteran VFG Past President

    Oh this is cool!

    I wonder what juicy details Maureen may also have from her mother working there!
  15. cymbeline

    cymbeline Registered Guest

    <img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v640/kellyballou/100_0593.jpg"> ran to get my label and returned to see loads of them, here it is anyway, from a truly gorgeous 70's dress.
  16. cymbeline

    cymbeline Registered Guest

    forgot to say that i bought this dress here in the UK which is far way from its original home!
  17. Patentleathershoes

    Patentleathershoes VFG Veteran VFG Past President

    Wow! Either someone ended up in england who shopped there, a tourist to the US bought it or it arrived through the magic of internet shopping :)
  18. Patentleathershoes

    Patentleathershoes VFG Veteran VFG Past President

    Everyyone can take their labels off their servers if they need the space if your label appears before this post. (if you don't see yours in the post #17 where I accumulated all the labels, LMK)

    If anyone has any others that they don't see, especially older ones - please park them on this thread!
  19. fuzzylizzie

    fuzzylizzie Alumni

    I'm getting ready to add all these to the label resource.

    Maureen, just whenever you are ready with your write-up will be fine!

    Thanks for the handy organization, Chris!

  20. Patentleathershoes

    Patentleathershoes VFG Veteran VFG Past President

    No trouble at all Lizzie. Maureen will post it when she completes it.

    She did a reat job with the Rockabilly workshop and I think it will be equally as enthralling.

    In the meantime, if anyone has any additional labels.....post em here!


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