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  1. Victoria

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    Hi all,

    I am trying to date this pair of shorts and thought they were late 60s but then I saw on trademarkia that while the business has existed since 1929, the trademark wasn't registered until 1973 so I figured I was wrong and they are likely from the 70s. What keeps bothering me is that all the labels I have seen online from 70s Loomtogs had a completely different design and I saw a number of listings that attributed the label style like on mine to the 50s and even the 40s (like this website that had a fair amount of info about one of their designers http://www.jeannecampbell.com/design/loomtogs.html ) and gives a label example with the registered trademark symbol.

    I would appreciate any feedback.

    IMG_3960.jpg IMG_3961.jpg IMG_3962.jpg IMG_3963.jpg IMG_3964.jpg IMG_3965.jpg IMG_3966.jpg IMG_3967.jpg IMG_3968.jpg IMG_3969.jpg IMG_3970.jpg
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  3. Victoria

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    Thank you Mary Jane. I wonder if it’s possible that the trademark registration info on trademarkia is wrong. Has anyone ever run into that?
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    I am pretty sure that I have run into that problem with an Australian brand name where Trademarkia disagreed with newspaper articles about when businesses merged and old brand names were ceased. So while I am still not sure who was wrong, someone was and 50/50 it was Trademarkia.

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