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Need help reading this Chanel jacket label

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by AnnDemeu, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. Hi Ann,

    Please do stay - the forums are for people who love vintage, it's just that many of us are sellers too and most people who come for information are also looking to sell items.

    I think your jacket would go beautifully with jeans :)
  2. claireshaeffer

    claireshaeffer VFG Member

    Ann, enjoy your jacket and wear it in good health! Claire
  3. AnnDemeu

    AnnDemeu Registered Guest

    Thanks, ladies!

    Oh, and here are the needle holes (I think). I don't know if I should bother to sew in a new chain. I wore the jacket to dinner last night without a chain, and it seems to fall just fine.


    If anyone in the forum knows what proper chain weight I should buy (if I decide to, in the future), please let me know. I really appreciate it.

    This jacket is a cotton-viscose blend.
  4. claireshaeffer

    claireshaeffer VFG Member

    Ann, I think if you get a magnifier you'll see a tiny thread a each indentation. There aren't hole.

    I use a chain that's a half cm (scant 1/4"). When you sew it on, ease the chain --don't hold it tight; and place the stitches close to the next link so they don't show.

    Many of the new jackets have a much lighter chain so you could use a jewelry chain.
  5. AnnDemeu

    AnnDemeu Registered Guest

    Thank you so much, Claire. I appreciate all your help. :)

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