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    Got a quasi-rare attachment. The potato peeler!!! Quite possibly the best thing ever engineered.



    I wonder if these would be good as fried potato skins??

  3. poppysvintageclothing

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  4. lindapoirier

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    Yes, some attachments are harder to find than others. I believe there are about 14, in total.



    The peeler was expensive but I got this later parts kit for $22.50! I thought that was something I'd never find.



    It astounds me how well these attachments work.

  5. lindapoirier

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    A funny thing happened while I was out and about today, I found an old 40s/50s cabinet for $20. It had modifications and a black paint job but it is from that time period and homemade. I have to clean it up and try to paint some areas but I wanted to see how it would display my collection.



    Sunbeam did make a cabinet for your mixmaster and it's attachments, but I doubt that I will ever find one.


    All 1930s attachments came in boxes with the bright pink labels! I only have two boxes.



    I decided to add the swirl jadeite mixing bowls, three from yards sales. Two flea market. The smallest and rarest was $2 at a yard sale!!!

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  8. amandainvermont

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    I had no idea about those attachments - and yes, that potato peeler is wonderful. Thanks for sharing everything Linda.
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    I always love collections.
  10. lindapoirier

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    I bought glass jadite knobs on Ebay for the cabinet.
    Edit. Oh, I found a clear glass large fire king bowl at Value Village for the pink mixer!

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    There is something so beautiful about patina of wood and wire. So gorgeous. Then the whimsy of bunny ears!!! Fantastic.

    Not vintage but here are my clothespins. I don't remember where I found that blue bird pin but I picked it up immediately. "Like a bird on a wire", came to mind. Also, it reminded me of blue bird records.


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