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Pls help me research an usual 50's? 60's? Shaheen dress

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by RETROGLAMOUR, Jun 27, 2008.



    I just did. :)
  2. Supercute dress!
  3. JulieW

    JulieW Alumni

    You could try to contact pricessoftides (I think that is her name) on ebay....she might run the website too.
    She is Shaheen's daughter or grand daughter, I think.....

    Both of those dress are wonderful, love that print.


    Good to know! Thanks Julie! I think her name is PrincessofTides. I'll see if she has any info.
  5. thevintagebungalow

    thevintagebungalow VFG Member

    That really is a fabulous dress! I agree with everyone that it looks like a mid to late 50s dress. Very sweet!
  6. Laura

    Laura Alumni

    My first thought was late 50s. Specifically, I was thinking 57 or 58.



    Thanks everyone. This was all very helpful and encouraging. I will come back with an update when I have one! :sunshine:
  8. LorrelMae

    LorrelMae Registered Guest


    BEAUTIFUL!! *sigh*

    Wish it would fit me!!


    P.s, I too, think the buckle goes in front.


    hi everyone,

    a little update.

    I was not able to find a whole lot of information out about this dress - I found two dresses which sold over a year ago with the same print, but very different styles (one was a pake muu type dress, the other was a short-sleeve button up dress.) I am thinking 1956, and no later than 1959 in terms of dating. I was never able to get a response from Camille Shaheen, unfortunately, but the Shaheen website leads me to believe it's 1956.

    I re-shot the dress, and tried the belt in the front - it did not look right. The underside of the belt is just that, an underside, and it looks strange buckled in front. The buckle ends up looking upside down when bucked in front.

    So I have finally decided to put it up for sale tomorrow! I'm nervous, but excited. I hope it will find a wonderful new home. Thanks for all your help!!!
  10. glamoursurf

    glamoursurf Alumni

    That is just wayyy too cute Shauna! You're putting that on EBAY? Best post it to eyecandy too!


    Hi Pam! Yes I am going to try for Ebay. We'll see. I posted to ECW.

    BTW, I can't keep my eyes off the fantastic Shaheen you have on your website... that you posted to ECW like 2 months ago... I saw that fabric in my Hawaiian book and almost fainted when I saw your dress!
  12. Elsewhere

    Elsewhere VFG Member

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that print! (and the dress, too, for that matter!) -- I have a growing collection of vintage Kokeshi dolls :)

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