Protect Yourself from Fraudulent Label Switching

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  1. Coutureallure

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    Perhaps my most important blog post ever. If you are a buyer of vintage clothing, read this information! If you are a fellow seller, please help me get the word out by Tweeting, Blogging, or linking to my blog post this morning. Thank you!

    Beware of Fraudulent Label Switching
  2. mags_rags

    mags_rags Trade Member

    Excellent blog post, Jody. Your photo samples illustrate your points beautifully.
  3. joules

    joules Trade Member

  4. Great article Jody. I've sent a link to all my Facebook fans and will blog about it later. :)
  5. Catbooks1940s

    Catbooks1940s Trade Member

    wonderful article. it's a pity it's become so important to have this info out there, but it is. great job.
  6. thespectrum

    thespectrum Administrator Staff Member

    Very good post Jody.

    I have a big collection of vintage labels (I am sure a lot of us do) & they are all in albums. I would never sell them.
  7. bonton

    bonton Trade Member

    Excellent - I have twittered and linked!!!!
  8. hipvintage

    hipvintage Alumni

    Thank you for posting this, Jody!

    People need to be aware of the fraudulent practices of unscrupulous vintage sellers.:soapbox:

  9. TinTrunk

    TinTrunk Registered Guest

    I'm really grateful for that warning, Jody. That was a very clear and well-presented post.

    Not that I'm in the market for high-end designer vintage, but its really helpful information just in case (I think) I strike lucky! :)

    Who knows - perhaps they'll be churning out repro designer labels by the yard before long? Or are they already??!

  10. Just written a quick blog with several links back to your article (and website). Great work Jody. It must have taken some time to put all that together. :headbang:
  11. Coutureallure

    Coutureallure Alumni

    Thanks everyone! I appreciate your support!
  12. cmpollack

    cmpollack Trade Member

    Excellent post, Jody--a important and much needed reference resource indeed! thanks so much for making it available to all of us...
  13. poppysvintageclothing

    poppysvintageclothing Administrator Staff Member

  14. TheVintageVortex

    TheVintageVortex Trade Member

    GREAT post Jody! Something that we can all use! I will forward it on.
  15. Alleycats

    Alleycats Trade Member


    Thanks for posting that.

  16. Midge

    Midge Trade Member

    Great idea - and definitely something that had to be put out there! I didn't know it was that bad already, but I guess there's always people who think they can make a quick buck. Happens with other vintage things too...

  17. vintagebaubles

    vintagebaubles Trade Member

    Excellent blog with very helpful information, Jody! It is a shame that buyers must be on constant alert for fraud in vintage.

    I have designer pieces on which the labels are stitched on with thread the color of the garment and not the label. And I know they're not faked; I hope people understand, and I think you alluded to this, that a single out-of-the-ordinary thing is not enough to determine that an item is a definite fake--they need to look for the other tell-tale signs of label switching, especially old stitch lines, sloppy restitching, etc.
  18. The Vintage Merchant

    The Vintage Merchant Administrator Staff Member

    one of the very BEST vintage blog articles EVER, Jody. excellent presentation.

  19. Leisa

    Leisa Registered Guest

    Yes! Truly Great blog, Jody.

    I'm posting a link to it on my facebook today.

    Thank you so much. I do look for labels, but I can't say I've ever seen such blatant displays of
    "pirated" ones. Just the nudge I needed to make me pay closer attention & to know those details about how they <U>should</U> be sewn in.

    Thanks again. :drinkingtoast:
  20. pastperfect2

    pastperfect2 Trade Member

    Jody, thank you! I covered this a little bit back in June, but your post is ever so much more in depth.

    I linked to your blog in my blog today, too


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