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Ribboned dress - I'm puzzled - ?'s

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by themerchantsofvintage, May 23, 2006.

  1. *minds are like parachutes - work best when open*

    Mine seemed to be closed yesterday!

    Thanks Sue!
  2. nolly

    nolly Registered Guest

    I think the the true term for this finish is called 'soutash surface' ornamentation cording decoration
    I found it in my resource book vintage clothing by Maryanne Dolan
    I just looked at your close up, that does look like cording and not ribbon.
  3. Interesting. There is another thread I posted a while back when I was "seven****" for a suit and the consesus was that it was ribbon work and it is the same type of application as this dress. As is the Gloria Sachs jacket I posted recently. I have never owned a soutash, but photos show it as being much thicker and appears to be sewn on the its end after being rolled (for lack of the proper term). This is a lighter texture, more akin to ribbon and sewn in the middle.

    Does your example of "soutash surface" look more like ribbon?
  4. nolly

    nolly Registered Guest

    When I get a moment I will try to take a piccie of it...perhaps this is a version of soutash? like iced capuccino from cofee...lol
  5. nolly

    nolly Registered Guest

    hello again,
    I have just seen another garment with similar techinique and they call the it a silk corde applique
    To me the trim does not look like a ribbon, more like a flat cording, it looks like the thread count is too high for a ribbon..just my 2 cents, but it could also be the way the pictures looks.
    I am sure there are people on here who could tell you alot more than I, but I thought I would give it a whirl
  6. nolly

    nolly Registered Guest

    hi again,
    I tried to take a piccie of the page but the item is too dark to really tell how they attatched the cording, I know most of the items I have owned in that same style has been a silky type flat cording..and most of the time sewn onto a mesh or light chiffon type fabric

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