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Seeking help on deciphering label for knee high boots

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by Anna Evans, Sep 28, 2020.

  1. Anna Evans

    Anna Evans Registered Guest

    This forum has been such a great help to me, I'm very grateful. I have had these beautiful leather boots for some time, but have never worn them. I think these date from the 80s, but am open to correction.

    They are beautifully made. One thing I know for sure is that they are Italian made. This moniker 'made in italy' has survived on the undersole and on the insole.
    I am unsure as to whether the green reptile effect leather is genuine or embossed. I have researched the subject and examined the surface carefully, but am none the wiser. If it is embossed, the pattern is well observed, as the shapes are abstract and varied.

    I am completely stumped by the leather insoles. The gold coloured text has sadly been mostly erased through wear. I am pretty sure that the end of the word is BERRY, (am certain about the *ERRY) followed by a icon that resembles a horizontal riding crop. Then, the end of another word- what looks like 'QUE.' Could be the end of 'Boutique' perhaps. Then, 'Made in Italy'.
    My photos are not very helpful as reading the letters really relies on flicking the labels backwards and forwards in the light- they are that faint. 20200928_194429.jpg 20200928_194644.jpg 20200928_194733.jpg

    I thought someone with a lot of experience in shoes might recognise the label. Worth a try!

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  2. Midge

    Midge Super Moderator Staff Member

  3. Anna Evans

    Anna Evans Registered Guest

    Thanks for replying Karin! Hoping someone will recognise the logo but I know it's a long shot...
  4. Vintagiality

    Vintagiality VFG Treasurer Staff Member

    Can you post a straight shot of the logo on the sole
  5. Anna Evans

    Anna Evans Registered Guest

    Hi Victoria,
    I just attempted to take a few photos using my LED panel lights. I am having trouble uploading any images- either here on in the original post. It keeps telling me there's a 'security error'. I will persevere and see if I can fix it
  6. Retro Ruth

    Retro Ruth VFG Member Staff Member

    I suggest you try a different browser if you haven't already. If you still can't upload, if you tell me the exact wording of the error message (or a screenshot), and which browser you are using, I will try and investigate.
  7. Anna Evans

    Anna Evans Registered Guest

    Thankyou Ruth! I will try now
  8. Anna Evans

    Anna Evans Registered Guest

    Hi again Ruth, the problem persists in Edge and chrome. Here is the error message: 'Security error occurred. Please press back, refresh the page, and try again.

  9. Retro Ruth

    Retro Ruth VFG Member Staff Member

    Thanks for the information. I've looked into that error message and apparently it can be caused by several different things, (some of which I don't understand anyway!), so it's going to be difficult to diagnose.

    I can make two suggestions:

    1) Open up your image file into any program you have that can resize it smaller, reduce the size, and try again. It's possible it's too large for our forums (though usually images are resized automatically when uploaded)
    2) Upload the image somewhere else, and follow the second set of instructions in this post to show it here: https://forums.vintagefashionguild.org/threads/faq-how-to-post-a-photo.52756/

    Sorry I don't have a better solution for you.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2020
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  10. Anna Evans

    Anna Evans Registered Guest

    Thankyou for your help Ruth! I will have a go. I am hopeless with tech issues myself.
  11. Retro Ruth

    Retro Ruth VFG Member Staff Member

    Do let me know if I can be of anymore help. Push comes to shove, you can email the file to me and I'll upload it. Let me know if that would help and I'll message you my email address.
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2020
  12. Anna Evans

    Anna Evans Registered Guest

    Thankyou so much, that's very helpful Ruth. It's a strange one, as I have no problems uploading posts. The problem arises when I try to upload new images or add images to comments!
  13. Retro Ruth

    Retro Ruth VFG Member Staff Member

    Hi Anna

    I got your emailed fles.

    I get the same error message on one of your images, therefore it's the image that is causing the problem rather than anything to do with your computer or browser. I think it's simply too large a file for our forum to handle - it's very large at 8.6MB. Our forum does resize large images, but I guess there's also an upper MB limit to how big a file it will upload. I resized it in photoshop to reduce the file size, and it uploaded fine.

    The other two were just slightly smaller, 8.1 and 7.2 MB, and they uploaded for me without an error message, or needing to be resized.

    Perhaps you can change your camera settings to produce slightly smaller files, if you don't have software that can resize them.

    So now that's sorted out, I wonder if anyone can read your insoles!

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  14. Retro Ruth

    Retro Ruth VFG Member Staff Member

    ... I'm wondering if the top word is Equerry
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  15. Vintagiality

    Vintagiality VFG Treasurer Staff Member

    I was thinking a photo of the logo on the bottom (not the insole) might be more helpful. Looks to have both an image and some writing but it’s hard to say from that angle
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  16. Avantbo

    Avantbo Registered Guest

    Hello Victoria,

    Indian Feather Head Dress but of course that could simply be the manufacturer logo of the sole--if resoled.
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  17. Avantbo

    Avantbo Registered Guest

    Hello Anna,

    I think real Alligator, not embossed, I think I'm seeing some umbilical scarring on one of the boots although that could be simply creasing.

    Last five number digits, could they be month and year of manufacture and Euro size 40, ( UK 7.5-8 ).

    If riding crop, I vaguely remember reading, riding crop symbol can mean " real leather " in some countries.

    Beautiful boots.
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  18. Avantbo

    Avantbo Registered Guest

    Hello Ruth,

    On your points and this is probably not the page for me to reply to them.

    It more then likely Anna's image sizes that caused her the issues.

    The forum does do a good job at resizing JPG/JPEG images but as you rightly state some of the images can be very large indeed, what it doesn't do very well, at least I have found, is handle RAW image format, even the smaller ones cause error issues.

    For point and shoot cameras, RAW should never be an issue but large Jpegs might when uploading them to these forums.

    Cropping a JPG image as much as possible may do it but generally an image resize is required.

    Opening an image in either Photo Shop or Windows " Paint " or any other decent image editor will suffice.

    For forum purposes, 2500 to 3200 horizontal, (or below), vertical sizing should be automatic once " H" is imputed and "saving image ", this should prevent those pesky error messages ever happening again when uploading.
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  19. lkranieri

    lkranieri VFG Member

    Absent any other clues to the maker of the boots, even info on the sole might be a hint, but I am unable to see "Indian Feather Head Dress" in either of the attached images. Is that what it says or were you just describing the logo? If so, can you please tell us what text is on both places on the sole?

    Thank you.
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  20. Avantbo

    Avantbo Registered Guest

    I was describing the logo, I am sure it is a Native American wearing a feathered head dress.

    If that be the case, admittedly a little bit reaching reason leads be to believe the boots have been resoled, my thinking is would they not have been originally leather?

    Be that the case, " Indian Rubber ", before replying to your post I just did a quick Google and fell off my chair, the logo for the IR Company is a Native American wearing a feathered head dress and they are or look very similar.

    As for the other logo, I've gone squint, the more I look, the more I'm convincing myself, it is a stretched hide, Alligator--maybe?
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