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    As someone who has worked on former VFG newsletters I am astounded by the scope of information pulled together and laid out by VFG member Laura Milera. My newsletter turned up in my spam box, so here is where it can be seen if you did not get it in your e-mail.


    It is "public" now, so I encourage all of you with blogs, active instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, whatever accounts to give it a plug. Thank you Laura for all your time putting this together.

    Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 7.07.50 AM.png
  2. poppysvintageclothing

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  3. morning-glorious

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    Fabulous job! And I really enjoyed the interview with MJ!
  4. The Vintage Merchant

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    yes, another crazy good newsletter, thank you so much, Laura!! xo
  5. poppysvintageclothing

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  6. Alleycats

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    That really was an excellent newsletter and I know it was a lot of work.
  7. Metro Retro Vintage

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    Thank you, ladies -- I'm so glad that everyone is enjoying The VFG News, and want to express my thanks to our many talented writers, and to all of you who participate by providing copy and art and helping to make it work.
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    Thank you for posting the link, Amanda. I did not receive the newsletter in my inbox and checked - it was not in "junk mail" either. When was it sent out?

    I don't have time to read it now but will access it from the link later today.

    Thanks everyone for all your hard work putting this together!
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  9. Furwise

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    Thank you. So many member submissions. That is so fantastic. Thank you Laura and thank you all.

    I did not receive the email either. I will research to see if I can troubleshoot if it has anything to do with our email system, I will check with my email provider to see if they have heard of this issue where emails do not come through at all, and do some google searching too. If I find anything out that can help I will create a post for it in one of our tech forums.
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    I love my first newsletter Laura - excellent job! So excited to offer some cleaning tips I have used for years too! Thanks for all you do!
  11. foofoogal

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    Wow, that has to be one of the best newsletters I have ever seen.
    I collect Merry Widow items and did not even know about an Opera by that name.
    Happy to read about Poppy's. I have been pleased with every item I have purchased from her shops.
    So looking forward to the Hat resource. Yeah.
    Love the VFG.
  12. The Vintage Merchant

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    in our email system (Wild Apricot) it shows that 4 members did not receive this:

    It does not have you, Caryn, in the list of failed emails...did you check your spam folder already?

    I'll try to resend it, to see if it works this time, or not.
  13. The Vintage Merchant

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    it it time stamped 1:43 pm on April 25th.
  14. cmpollack

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    Laura, you've outdone yourself! The newsletter is beautiful to look at, and an amazing resource as well. :clapping::drinkingtoast::clapping::drinkingtoast:

    Jo and Karin's museum reviews are full of great info (and eye candy), seeing the early photos of beautiful MJ and her shop was a blast, and even though I actually saw the Lucile exhibit in Guelph last summer, I still learned much from Barbara's article. And the exhibit calendars are invaluable!

    Thanks so much to all who contributed!
  15. Furwise

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    I did. Did you try to send it again? I had this issue a few years ago. I never found out what caused it. I was receiving some of our emails but not others.
  16. pinky-a-gogo

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  18. Linn

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    If you sent it out again, I did not receive it. It is not in my spam folder, either. I have been getting VFG emails and all newsletters prior to this so I am pretty sure my email address is correct in Wild Apricot.
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  19. sewingmachinegirl

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    Wow Laura- what an incredible newsletter you have produced!.
    I am in awe of the scale of this Newsletter and your dedication.
    Thanks so so much!
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