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the craziest Polynesian dress I've ever seen

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Show and Tell - Share your treasures' started by debutanteclothing, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. debutanteclothing

    debutanteclothing Trade Member

    the craziest Polynesian dress I\'ve ever seen

    This little dress is by "Alice" a maker of crazy print Polynesian dresses. I love the Polynesian version of unicorns and Camelot. LOL.
  2. debutanteclothing

    debutanteclothing Trade Member

    check out the bunnies and I have no idea what the bottom animal is
  3. ivycompany

    ivycompany Trade Member

    AAAACK! So Awesome!!!!
    Is the label Alice of California? They made some very nice dresses back in the day.
  4. joules

    joules Trade Member

  5. APrizeEveryTime

    APrizeEveryTime VFG Special Friend

    I love Alice prints! Here we've got the unicorn tapestries and medieval winemaking as seen through a 70s lens. SO cool.
  6. coffeegrl

    coffeegrl Registered Guest

    Oh I gasped!! That is FAN-TAS-TIC!!!! Oh that bottom animal looks like something I've seen before, I can't remeber it's name though...let me think, I'v seen it on wild wilderness or something like that lol I will try to google and find it!
  7. APrizeEveryTime

    APrizeEveryTime VFG Special Friend

    BTW, the top part, of the unicorn reclining in the little corral, represents the seventh and final tapestry, "The Unicorn in Captivity."
  8. coffeegrl

    coffeegrl Registered Guest

    I can't find it, or anything that looks like it...sorry.
  9. debutanteclothing

    debutanteclothing Trade Member

    I wanted to wash it and checked for color transfer. YUP. Would bleed like an artery if I washed it.
  10. debutanteclothing

    debutanteclothing Trade Member

  11. APrizeEveryTime

    APrizeEveryTime VFG Special Friend

    Thanks for posting that link, Sandra. I *did* go to art school, but I hadn't known all that symbolism. Really interesting. Anyone seen the real deal? They're hanging in New York at the Cloisters.

    I think that dress will bring a pretty little penny, Sandra, because you've got two markets here, the 70s/psychedelic palette/Polynesian crowd and then you've got the medieval/unicorn/fantasy crowd. And I guess you've got some of the art history folks, too.

  12. debutanteclothing

    debutanteclothing Trade Member

  13. On the bottom, standing on the barrel...it looks like a little weenie dog....

    (i know...I think everything long bodied and short legged is a dachshund...)
  14. debutanteclothing

    debutanteclothing Trade Member

    it kind of looks like a hiyena to me. is it supposed to be a dog? who knows. Isn't this thing bizarre?
  15. Midge

    Midge Trade Member

    Far out - that dress is so cool!
    And a nice reference to the unicorn tapestry. I haven't seen those in New York, but the unicorn tapestries in Paris at the Musee du Moyen Age. The unicorn was used a lot in series of tapestries like this, and there's loads of symbolism...

  16. Way too lovely for eBay! :icon_dante:
  17. cmpollack

    cmpollack Trade Member

    wow, what an amazing print! I've seen the Unicorn Tapestries at the Cloisters a few times, but my,, how they've changed! ;)

    Are you wondering about the critter way down near the bottom of the dress? If so, could you maybe post a closeup? I can't really see it very well in the full length shot...

    And a third category (other than the Polynesian and fantasy crowds) would be the art history crowd! It really is a very neat (ahem) interpretation of an iconic image.
  18. vivavintageclothing

    vivavintageclothing Trade Member

    That dress is A-MA-ZING!

    Does the critter at the bottom of the dress have spots? Maybe it's supposed to be a leopard? (Animals in medieval art do tend to look kind of odd . . . probably since many of the artists had never seen an actual, live version of the animal in question . . . ) Just a theory!
  19. poppysvintageclothing

    poppysvintageclothing Administrator Staff Member

  20. debutanteclothing

    debutanteclothing Trade Member

    I have no idea what to price this if I put it in my store. :clueless:

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