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the craziest Polynesian dress I've ever seen

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Show and Tell - Share your treasures' started by debutanteclothing, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. I would like to see a closeup of the little critter too :)
  2. The Vintage Merchant

    The Vintage Merchant Administrator Staff Member


    i've had a couple of Alice garments that did well. do you have a pic of the label? mine were just Alice, not of CA...but think they actually said Polynesia something on the label...the font was sort of oriental looking...

    pricing? that is SO cool that you might do really well w/it on ebay ~ if you let us know HERE when you list it, you can BET it'll be watched like crazy!!

    :party: uber cool dress

    oh, that critter looks hyena-esche to me...
  3. debutanteclothing

    debutanteclothing Trade Member

    The label is just "Alice" like you said Mary. i thought it looked like a hyena too. So try my luck on Ebay? I'm afraid. Everything does so poorly for me there these days.
  4. APrizeEveryTime

    APrizeEveryTime VFG Special Friend

    Maybe a 30-day auction at a high starting price and a higher BIN.

    I know. The prospect of selling on eBay is scarier every month. Especially with these new changes coming up, it might be good to slap up on eBay now anything you're considering for the venue and be prepared to wash your hands of the venue when the changes come down the pike. (Easy for me to say; I'm not doing this full time -- yet.) Plus it's hot and the summer slump is upon us, and so many people are out of work. I just don't know, Sandra.

    Are "Alice" and "Alice of California" two different companies? We don't have an entry for either one on the label resource. I've had a number of "Alice of California" dresses and have always liked their prints, and they're from the same time frame as your dress.
  5. ivycompany

    ivycompany Trade Member

    I just posted two Alice of California labels to the label thread. I've had dresses with just "Alice" in the same script, so at least those are probably the same. I'll look to see if I can find an example.
  6. APrizeEveryTime

    APrizeEveryTime VFG Special Friend

    Eileen, I just looked up Alice of California on TESS (trying to ascertain something about a label variant) and read, "THE WORDS "OF CALIFORNIA" ARE DISCLAIMED APART FROM THE MARK AS SHOWN." Not sure, but I think that means that the words "of California" aren't necessarily part of the trademark. But I'm no lawyer ...
  7. APrizeEveryTime

    APrizeEveryTime VFG Special Friend

    Sandra, when you've got a chance can we see your label?
  8. The Vintage Merchant

    The Vintage Merchant Administrator Staff Member

    is yours like this, Sandra?


    just added it to the label thread, too.

    my dress was MUCH more plain: just a 60s (NOS, tho) shift dress with a fabulous huge zinnia print; we got it for a good price, so were happy to sell it for only $45.

    you should be able to get much much more for yours.
  9. ivycompany

    ivycompany Trade Member

    Oh. I have seen that label too. I don't think they are related. Hmmmm....
  10. debutanteclothing

    debutanteclothing Trade Member

    Mary mine is like yours. but mine doesn't say Perma Press
  11. The Vintage Merchant

    The Vintage Merchant Administrator Staff Member

    yes, this was a 100% cotton bark-cloth type fabric, but apparently had a wrinkle-resistant finish.

    and again, i do love your wonderful dress! :wub:
  12. APrizeEveryTime

    APrizeEveryTime VFG Special Friend

    I posted an update to he label thread on Alice of California and dug up some history about it. The Polynesian line of Alice was indeed part of the company (which was founded by an Icelandic orphan!).
  13. debutanteclothing

    debutanteclothing Trade Member

    Des this label get weirder and weirder or what?! Icelandic?
  14. APrizeEveryTime

    APrizeEveryTime VFG Special Friend

    Krist Gunderson worked on a fishing boat as a young man and jumped ship for a stay in Norway, where he did well in door-to-door book sales. Made it to the U.S. and arrived in NYC with a dime to his name, which he spent on a loaf of bread to last him until he got a job. Later found his way to Portland (!) where he worked sweeping up in a dry goods warehouse and worked out a deal with the owner by selling dead stock door to door. Did very well, went to L.A. and started Alice of California in 1925. Meeting with great success, he set up a four-story dress factory in San Francisco in the 40s. In the 60s his lead designer broke the line into three categories: Alice, with office and career-girl looks; Krist, featuring evening and special-occasion wear; and Alice Polynesian, for weekend and lounge wear.

    I bet if I called the library and asked them to search their newpaper files I could find out what "dry goods warehouse" he worked at here in Portland. Fun!
  15. ivycompany

    ivycompany Trade Member

    Cool!! I just got a Krist label dress that had an Alice hangtag. I'll post it to the label thread.
  16. debutanteclothing

    debutanteclothing Trade Member

    should I post mine, or do you think Mary's is enough?
  17. APrizeEveryTime

    APrizeEveryTime VFG Special Friend

    I'd say only post it if it's different in any way from Mary's, but probably one of you should post the Polynesian label on the label thread. (Unless it's already there; my head is swimming in Alice labels at the moment!)
  18. debutanteclothing

    debutanteclothing Trade Member

  19. VintageFray

    VintageFray Alumni

    What a great dress...perhaps that animal is a weasel?
  20. sarah-jane

    sarah-jane Trade Member

    I asked my clever friend about the critter. She's spent years studying medieval history, and says:

    "What a hoot of a dress! LOL! Love the garish way that the tapestry has been reinvented here. It is a dog, but a fanciful one. There is no leopard dog in the original tapestries that I remember, but I could be wrong as the photos online are not that detailed. If there is a dog like this in a medieval tapestry or painting it is pure fantasy. It's possible the medieval artist had heard of leopards but, not having had a chance to see one him/herself, there would have been difficulty in translating this to art. It could have also been an intentional heraldic device combining the qualities of a leopard with the qualities of a faithful dog/servant: quick and ferocious but also loyal and steadfast. One of the posts was right - there is a great deal of mysticism in the famous Unicorn tapestries, much of it having to do with courtly love."

    Maybe I should have asked about the bunnies too...mind you, rabbits...courtly love...


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