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    Mary Maxim has always been about the patterns, sometimes in a full kit. I believe their popularity led to other companies producing RTW sweaters of the same vein. Not everyone had the skills to make their own.
    Interestingly, Mary Maxim is still in business
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    Good lord, I wish I knew how to knit. They're still selling some of their patterns from the 1950s. Love this one!
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    Thank you Maggie. Appreciated.

    I guess my ? on the ones I put on previous page is does anyone recognize these specific patterns?
    Is it correct then to say they are Mary Maxim pattern sweaters?
    I see some on pinterest with this label noted as Mary Maxim?
    I wonder if this company were partners with MM or would add their own flair to the patterns?
    I find similar as this as hoedown pattern?

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    I don't know if Knit Rite was affiliated with Mary Maxim. Possibly because they are both Canadian. Everyone should read Jonathan's blog piece.

    It is definitely a version of the 1957 Mary Maxim "Hoedown" pattern no. 484. Here is my version of the pattern. Every time I wash the sweater, the red runs. Which doesn't bother me because it is such a cool sweater. And, it makes me think it wasn't Mary Maxim wool because I have washed other red Mary Maxim sweaters and they didn't run.



    Edit. Knit Rite was Curl-Rite. Registered in 1947.
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    Interesting. These are as found but cannot imagine they have not been washed? They have no odors or anything?
    Clean. Thank you.
    Those are amazing to find deadstock.

    Thank you. So great you have preserved the past like this.

    I did not realize this was such a large company till I went researching mine.
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    Coincidentally, my best friend gave me this today. Again, this is a MM pattern but Caldwell with what looks like a Knit Rite logo. And, this one is wool.

    IMG_2639.JPG IMG_2640.JPG IMG_2641.JPG

    I am aware of these types of sweaters. Usually they are Orlon/acrylic. I've seen fish and hunting versions. Miller seems to be s name I remember seeing as a manufacturer, as well.
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    So Linda. Have you found all the ones with the Knit Rite label have the striped top of the sweater like mine and yours above?
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    I can't say, I don't collect Knit Rite cowichan-like sweaters. May I suggest searching on Ebay and Etsy to see if they all have the stripes?
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    I just got this 80s version of a Mary Maxim pattern, "Indian Head". And it is an adult size!


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    I collect great patterns and I have had this pattern for a while, I never expected to find this cardigan. Fantastic! With the fringe. There are marks on this sweater but I am going to have it professionally cleaned because I am frightened that the burgundy will run.


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    I want a best friend like Linda's.
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    I thought I would share these two photo's I took from my McCall's Craft magazines. These are Mary Maxim sweater patterns.
    The sweaters are from the Winter 72-73 issue.

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    LOVE the fish in blue.
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    Thanks, as always, for the positive feedback. I wanted to wait until I got this from JAPAN! It is almost identical to the "archery" cardigan in Catalog No. 15. I know from other ephemera that Mary Maxim advertised "make extra money" knitting for Mary Maxim, SO because of that tag (A Genuine Mary Maxim Sweater), which I have never seen before, and because this sweater is almost identical to the one in the Catalog, I believe it was one of those knit by someone at home earning extra money.



    Also, the arrows and string on the bow are not knit. It is wool sewn on. A great little embellishment, in my opinion. I will probably buy wool to fix this embellishment because it has worn off in areas, the front yellow arrows being completely gone except for the feathers on the bottom.


    Edit. The tag ON THE OBJECT confirming Mary Maxim to be "sweaters" and not Cowichans!!! Just s detail that I love.

    Most tags I have seen are generic and personalized. For instance.

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