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tiffany silver mesh bag

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by bycin, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. Linn

    Linn Super Moderator Staff Member

    Got it- p. 167 - Rainwater:

    Frank T. May Company, New York, N.Y.
    Rutherford , New Jersey

    Manufacturers and distributors of sterling sliver bags, 14K vanity and ladies' cigarette cases and novelties and jewelry.

    They were listed in various trade publications from 1896-1943. I agree that the handbag is C. 1920's.
  2. mingus107

    mingus107 Registered Guest

    You guys are amazing super-slueths! Gorgeous bag!
  3. jauntyrooster

    jauntyrooster Alumni

    Super exciting find and yes..quite a price on the rl listing. Once again this forum proves to be an amazing resource!
  4. bycin

    bycin Guest

    wow! All of you. Wow! And thanks. And WOW.

    Not sure if y'all been following my posting here but my mom picks up this stuff at yard sales. She suffers from a brain disease but no one can find the Limoge in a thrift store faster.

    I am grateful to you ladies!
  5. lkranieri

    lkranieri VFG Member

    Just a small note that I edited a typo in my prior post, as my friend said the bag was probably 1920s. She did not say it was "probably 1920."
  6. bycin

    bycin Guest

    I understood that, Ikranieri. I really appreciate your friend taking the time to look at the pics...and you too!

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