Trying to get any history on this blouse, can't find anything on this label.

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    PicsArt_08-09-01.09.09.jpg PicsArt_08-09-01.09.09.jpg PicsArt_08-09-01.15.53.jpg Thank you very much for adding me to this forum.

    I recently acquired a couple of garments from a friend who closed a novelty shop that housed a few antiques, vintage toys, etc. Both items were gifted to me, and my friend knows nothing about the items. One of those garments is the blouse that you see pictures of below. It is a sequinned blouse that is very well constructed with a visible tag. I have researched the tag and really can't find much on it. I found, through the advice of others and a little bit more Internet research, a new version of the entity printed on the tag. I telephoned this tailor shop and spoke to a representative who seemed interested in helping me find some history on this garment. I forwarded photos of the item to her but have not received a response. I don't know anything about this blouse other than its very nicely made and is in excellent used condition. I would like to date it and know more of the history on it.

    If anyone on this page could please examine the photos and share any insight that you may have, it would be so well appreciated.

    Subsequent to taking the photos that you see here, I have removed the stained sweat shields the had been sewn into the blouse. They would have to be replaced anyway, so I have removed them. Other than that, the blouse is in the condition that you see photographed here. It's in excellent vintage condition. How vintage I don't know, and I am desperately trying to find out. Thanks very much.

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    This style of top was popular in the '60s.
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    I see 60's as well. I would not have been surprised if it had said "Made in In Hong Kong" on the label.
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