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Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by laurarperez, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. laurarperez

    laurarperez Registered Guest

    Brenda, I found a pocket right where you said it would be....and there was more clove gum :) This guy sure liked the gum!
  2. Rue_de_la_Paix

    Rue_de_la_Paix VFG Member


    Great suit! I am getting a Post WWII vibe from this....but not much later than about 1952 or so....except that the waist does seem a bit high on the jacket, which is more of an earlier style. The button fly is not found on many post WWII pants, but I do see it on occasion. The lining is similar to a few other early 50s jackets I have seen, but that may not be a good clue.

    Nice, and may I ask...what size is the jacket and pants? And the Inseam on the leg? Maybe it will fit my guy...

  3. laurarperez

    laurarperez Registered Guest

    B, if you can tell me how to measure it for the sizing I can do that no problem. Besides the tag and strange numbers marked inside there isn't any sizing information.
  4. laurarperez

    laurarperez Registered Guest

    INSEAM: 31.5"
    WAIST: 31.5"
  5. sMarie

    sMarie Registered Guest

    I hope that when I'm 80, I still want to go out dancing! Maybe it was an elderly singles dance (my grandpa used to go to those after he was widowed). Maybe Bert decided to wear his "best" 1940's suit that used to attract all the Ladies in his hay day... lol.

    I know my grandpa would occasionally wear psychedelic print 70's polyester button down dress shirts. He knew they weren't in style, but he'd say "they're still good-nothings wrong with them!" It was a sight to see.
  6. Catbooks1940s

    Catbooks1940s VFG Member

    the lining on the back of the jacket, are there two pieces that overlap in the center where they meet? if so, it's 40s. that's called a 'petal lining.' use that in your tags, and maybe your title too. people search on that. also chalk stripe.

    that is, unless it's barbara's fella's size :)
  7. laurarperez

    laurarperez Registered Guest

    Here is a picture of the inside of the jacket where the seams meet in the middle. The meet and then they fold <> back.
    Here is the seam pushed together.
  8. Catbooks1940s

    Catbooks1940s VFG Member

    thank you for the pics, but i meant the lining, not the seams :)

    i can just see a little of the lining on the top/inside back of the jacket in that one shot up yonder, and it looks like it might be a petal lining.
  9. Rue_de_la_Paix

    Rue_de_la_Paix VFG Member


    W:cry:AAAHH! WAAAH! The pants are too small for my man!

    When I referred to the lining looking more 1950s, I meant the fabric, not the design of it. Sorry I was not clear on that...the fabric used on the lining and seams just looks more post WWII to me.

    Thanks for the info on petal linings...good to know!

    I actually am not very well versed in menswear anymore....but I do love the suit.
  10. laurarperez

    laurarperez Registered Guest

    Petal lining, as in the satiny fabric that is inside the jacket?
    Where the fabric meets at the neck it does overlap a little. Also I noticed that there is padding in the shoulder but only on the back half of the shoulder. Its under the satin lining.
  11. pastperfect2

    pastperfect2 Alumni +

    There is very much a market for this type suit. If the pants are 31.5, the jacket should fit about a 40" chest.

    The actual measure of the chest of the garment minus 3" - 4" for ease will give you the suit size. So if it measures 44", it's a sz 40 - 41.

    My first thought was 1946ish, just post war. Very Harry Truman.

  12. laurarperez

    laurarperez Registered Guest

    Thank you for the sizing information. I will have to get accurate measurements. I've been all over the internet looking at suits, but because I'm so inexperienced they seem to look alike to me! I really appreciate all of the information and feedback :)
  13. Great suit - I agree on late '40s for a date: a '30s suit would probably have fuller trousers. It could be early '50s, too, made for an older man. I've found many '50s suits with button flies, probably made for older, conservative wearers.

    But - I don't think it was an 80 year old who wore this in '57. It has a very small waist, and even a skinny man tends to fill out a bit as he gets older. I'm even cautious about 40 year old wearing it, as waists this small are usually blokes under 30.

  14. laurarperez

    laurarperez Registered Guest

    Maybe Bert sold it, or let his nephew borrow it for a special night :) I agree that you don't see many older men with that small of a waist. My man is fit and I think he is 34.

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