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VFG Film & Fashion: an invitation to discuss ?The Women? (1939) Discussion now open to all: Come on

Discussion in 'PUBLIC VFG News - Announcements and events' started by cactusandcattails, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. cactusandcattails

    cactusandcattails VFG Member

    VFG Film & Fashion: an invitation to discuss “The Women” (1939) Discussion now open to all: Come on in

    When: Tuesday March 25, 2008 3PM EST until ?
    Where: There will be a new thread started at that time right here on the forum
    Dress: casual ;)

    "The Women" is arguably one of the best films from the vintage fashion point of view so I thought it would be a great starting place for a possible monthly film & fashion series.

    Directed by George Cukor
    Gowns and fashion show by Adrian

    Norma Shearer
    Joan Crawford
    Rosalind Russell
    Mary Boland
    Paulette Goddard

    For those of you who have Turner Classic Movies (TCM), the film airs on Monday March 24 at 10am EST. I know that may be an inconvenient time for some but if you have the ability to record, that would be even better. That way you can refer back to it after the discussion. This is a delightful movie if you’ve seen it once or a dozen times. Note; this movie has been re-made a couple of times so if you rent or buy, make sure it is the 1939 version. Then join us on Tuesday March 25 and tell us what you think of the movie and the fashion.

    For those who do not have TCM, the movie is available at Netflix

    Others may be interested in starting a fashion film library. You can purchase this film at Amazon.com

    <center><iframe src="http://rcm.amazon.com/e/cm?t=vintfashguil-20&o=1&p=8&l=as1&asins=B0008ENICU&fc1=000000&IS2=1<1=_blank&lc1=0000FF&bc1=000000&bg1=FFFFFF&f=ifr" style="width:120px;height:240px;" scrolling="no" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" frameborder="0"></iframe></center>

    Thanks to VFG member Karen (worth-a-peek) we have a list of VFG Fashion Film Favorites
  2. worth-a-peek

    worth-a-peek Alumni

    Sounds great!!!:USETHUMBUP:

    And thanks for the reminder that I need to finish updating the list:hysterical:
  3. vintageclothesline

    vintageclothesline VFG Member

    Ooooh, I'm ready and will be dressing casual.:D
  4. You know whats sad? I own the DVD and have yet to watch it all the way through (testament to having a 5 year old about the place!).

    I will have to try to do that.

  5. thevintagebungalow

    thevintagebungalow VFG Member

  6. avamac

    avamac Alumni

    <object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/ORKYQCJIsvU"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/ORKYQCJIsvU" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="355"></embed></object>

    TURN DOWN THE MUSIC...it's a montage from the movie. And the whole movie is also posted on utube in bits IF you have the patience...find by searching 'the women 1939'
  7. avamac

    avamac Alumni

    And they wonder why there's no great women composers...my answer is women excel in anything that can be done in five minute increments...
  8. BagDiva

    BagDiva Guest

    l wonder if the tcm we have here on staelitte is the same, would love to join in. We've started a film club at work and discuss a dvd monthly, and l runt he book group, which is fun, so many different reaction, views and feelings to the same film.
    Its so interesting to realise that like art its what the person brings to the piece, art, film book, that creates the reactiona and reviews.
    l'll joi in IF we have the same film on that day!! sound slike fun!!
  9. cactusandcattails

    cactusandcattails VFG Member

    Unfortunately Sara it appears the schedule for the UK are quite different.


    Maybe renting the dvd would be the way to go if possible.
  10. BagDiva

    BagDiva Guest

    perhaps buying it, as all dvd rental shops are closed its all online here now, apart form a few diehard petrol garages..LOL
  11. vintageclothesline

    vintageclothesline VFG Member

    Why did they do that, Sara? Just not enough money in it anymore with all that is online? Come to think of it, we only have one place in town now.
  12. fuzzylizzie

    fuzzylizzie Alumni

    Coming up in about an hour!
  13. thevintagebungalow

    thevintagebungalow VFG Member

  14. avamac

    avamac Alumni

    Haven't watched this since the 50s, and had TOTALLY forgotten the Technicolor fashion show by Adrian

    <object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/K8QaEFyf9s4&hl=en"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/K8QaEFyf9s4&hl=en" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="355"></embed></object>

    and was really impressed elsewhere with the many Schiaparelli influences, particularly the eyeball dress in the first scene, and the surrealist cape with the mannequin hand clasp. GREAT whopping jewels too.

    DEFINITELY a five-hanky movie; I found it interesting that the MEN were never ever pictured. And that Clare Booth herself stole another woman's husband....Hency Luce, owner of TIME-LIFE. She worked for both Vogue and Vanity Fair as a society columnist, and was a lifelong tireless anti-communist and right-wing political figure.
  15. I watched it yesterday morning instead of getting work done related to Dad's estate while up north at my Mom's house (regretted a bit later, but thankfully Ava was asleep for most of it and I actually got to watch it uninterrupted!). I thought right off those few pieces had to be Schiap's but I was under the impression Adrian had done all the wardrobing, so I'm glad to know I wasn't crazy in thinking that!

    The fashion show scene was amazing! I really loved the wardrobe on the divorce ranch as well....and of course who wouldnt kill to have that bathtub Crystal has installed in Mary's house?

    It was a tough one to watch as a single Mom, divorced because the ex had an affair. I was lucky Ava was too little to wask a lot of questions when it all happened but it broke my heart revisiting the pain that a mother goes through seeing her child hurt by her own father's infidelities. Ava insists I scratch her back while she falls asleep just the same as Mary's daughter does toward the very end of the movie.

    Its a great film, Cynthia Fowler is a riot!

  16. cactusandcattails

    cactusandcattails VFG Member

    I am glad you had a chance to watch it Ang!

    Its funny how almost 70 years later the subject matter is still relevant. We all have friends who have been divorced because of infidelity or friends who advise us on our own situation. I think the cattiness is less now over that particular subject as divorce is so commonplace.

    I wonder when that started changing. Seems back then divorce was only feasible for the well heeled.

    And that brings up the fashions. Arent they just delicious! From the eyeball dress to the gold lame. Do you have a favorite? or 2 or 3?

    I loved Paulette Goddard on the train (champagne toast) in that little hooded number. And Joan Crawford in that gold two piece with the bra top in the powder room scene at the end. Showing some skin. Wowza!!

    One thing I noticed. There were quite a few outfits with CB zippers. I have heard people reject out of hand that CB zippers were used until the 50s.

    On a side bar. I collect old Mexican blankets from the 20s up until the 50s and early 60s. There was a matching pair (or one that had been modified) used as a divider in the Reno house to die for! I would have loved to see them in color!
  17. fuzzylizzie

    fuzzylizzie Alumni

    I just rewatched the movie this morning. Everytime I watch it I see new things I'd not noticed before.

    I had read that one of Adrian's "biggest" challenges in designing the clothes was that Norma Shearer had gained a bit of weight, and next to Joan C. she looked a bit frumpy. Notice that even though she is shown at the beach, in a nightgown, and just coming from the pool, her upper arms are never totally exposed. The best trick, I think, was the black gown where she first confronts Crawford in the dressing room. There is enough net to conceal, but not too much as to not give the feel of a sleeveless gown.
  18. cactusandcattails

    cactusandcattails VFG Member

    Ha! I think next to Joan Crawford almost anyone would look a little frumpy. She definitely had the body for those clothes.
  19. Whats a CB zipper?

  20. cactusandcattails

    cactusandcattails VFG Member

    Sorry CB=Center Back

    the first scene. The lady with the dogs. When she turned you could see

    Also it looks like the eyeball dress had one

    The scene in the dressing room JC asked for help with CB zipper

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