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Victorian BABE or Gone with the Wind costume babe?

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by IsabelFord, Jan 5, 2021.


victorian or costume?

  1. pre 1920s

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  2. post 1920s

  1. IsabelFord

    IsabelFord Registered Guest

    Hello! (first post & grateful for this forum)

    I was recently gifted with an jaw-dropping box of dresses, mostly from the 1920s and 30s. The box didnt come with any information (a gift to those who understand ;)).

    I am totally stumped one this one! Leaning towards 1940s/50s costume because of its condition, which is near mint, but, i am pretty new at this...

    It seems to be made of faille silk, and there are no zippers, only clasps.

    The skirt and the top attach to one another, and the belt hides the clasps.

    I know my two photos will not help much, but for some reason my other photos are not getting through. I will send some close ups of the clasps and the inside of the skirt, ASAP.

    Thanks in advance,


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  2. Retro Ruth

    Retro Ruth Administrator Staff Member

  3. Vinclothes

    Vinclothes Alumni +

    More photos will help, but I see 1930's--sleeves, fabric, shirring, color.
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  4. Circa Vintage

    Circa Vintage Alumni +

    Hi Izzy and welcome to the forums. Like Marian, I see late '30s but more photos will really help.
  5. IsabelFord

    IsabelFord Registered Guest

    A month or so later, and here are some more photos! the clasps and internal structure.

    I feel the same way about the 1930s vibe...

    Thanks so much, I have learned so much from this site. It s very supportive :)

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  6. poppysvintageclothing

    poppysvintageclothing Administrator Staff Member

  7. Vinclothes

    Vinclothes Alumni +

    The internal structure does indeed suggest 1910's, but more images of the full dress needed.
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  8. Jonathan

    Jonathan Trade Member

    I suspect this is a Victorian dress that was substantially remade in the 1930s.
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