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Are You New--Please Introduce Yourselves!! 2017

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Information Center - Welcome to the Forums' started by pinky-a-gogo, Feb 24, 2017.

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  1. Heather D Hasman

    Heather D Hasman Registered Guest

    My name is Heather (edited by admin) I am super excited to have The Vintage Fashion Guild as another resource for my shop and love of all things vintage!
  2. Mary More

    Mary More Registered Guest

  3. sarushka

    sarushka Registered Guest

    hi :) i like vintage and every now and then "borrow" something from my grandma :D and thrift stores of course!

    I also recenlty helped my friend with her vintage store.

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  4. Vintage.California.Rose

    Vintage.California.Rose Registered Guest

    I'm Rose and I love vintage fashion. I always have -- and I used to wear it a lot in junior high but gave it up to try to be "cool" like a total idiot. I'm just now learning to be true to myself and have the confidence that my 12-year-old self had, in my late 20's. *shakes head*

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  5. lizaanne

    lizaanne Registered Guest

    Hello All
    My name is Liza (sounds like Lee-zah) -- I am named after Elizabeth Taylor, but my name is not Elizabeth --- just Liza.

    My mother and I have a life long love of all things beautiful and old. She taught me early on to appreciate lovely old things, and find the beauty in what came before us. I live in a charming little 1950s bungalow, and I love to collect and sell clothing, kitchenware, and all sorts of things from the 1960s and earlier. I have a shop on Etsy called KitschyBits. I am really looking forward to the forum!

    Thank you!
  6. Evelyne Gichingiri

    Evelyne Gichingiri Registered Guest


    My name is Evelyne. I grew up in Los Angeles but now live in Nashville, TN. I studied fashion design in college and have always had a profound love for fashion. I'm inspired by vintage clothing and love the attention to detail that is found in them. You simply don't see that in mass produced clothing! As Nashville doesn't have many resources for learning more about vintage as a study I chose to come here! Thank all of you in advance for the conversations I'm sure we'll have!

    Ev <3
  7. Moira Griffin

    Moira Griffin Registered Guest

    Hi there,

    I'm Moira! Nice to meet you all :) I'm on the hunt for Hungarian Embroidered Peasant Blouses, smocking on the waist and neck, and embroidery! Very thin material, and the shorter cropped kind! Please let me know if you have one :) Thank you xxxxxxxx
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  8. Cindy2017

    Cindy2017 Registered Guest

    hello, welcome
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  9. Elizabeth Hayden

    Elizabeth Hayden Registered Guest

    My name is Elizabeth I am a creative writing student (MFA) taking Play Writing this semester. I have a play set in 1919. I am wondering if it would be at all plausible for a college girl to wear trousers (Only briefly traveling on the train to her home covered by a long coat of that ere.) I have no idea who to reach out to with this question. Thank you if you are able to respond.

    I have no idea which other forum to post this to,
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  10. Gumdrop

    Gumdrop Registered Guest

    Hi! I'm Maria! I'm new here, I'm still learning about vintage fashion! Most of my stuff comes from goodwill
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  11. 24quad6s

    24quad6s Registered Guest

    hi i'm new here i shop alot on ebay mostly for glasses and jackets anyone else do ebay for vintage stuff?
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  12. amandainvermont

    amandainvermont VFG Member

    Hello MOIRA - why don't you post your request here - so that everyone will see it.

  13. mirandatx

    mirandatx Registered Guest

    Hey there, my name is Miranda. I love finding interesting things and piecing together their history. This site kept coming up during research, so I wanted to register and give a proper hello! :)
    My latest project is pretty fun - my mother gave me tons of shoes, clothing, and jewelry that had belonged to my "Air Force Fashionista" grandmother. Her intense style always impressed (and intimidated) me - think Joan Crawford on a farm - so it's been amazing finding out more about her life through her collections.
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  14. amandainvermont

    amandainvermont VFG Member

    We would LOVE to see photos of some of your grandmother's clothes.
  15. acmebabyco

    acmebabyco Registered Guest

    Hello. My name is Amy and I have been creating vintage-style and vintage inspired clothing (mostly baby's) for about 15 years. I recently acquired an old baby mannequin I wanted to find out if I can get a date for.

    I also collect vintage clothing for myself, and love the 40s in particular. I am especially fond of swing coats and Pendleton. I have a modest collection of patterns (adults and children's) as well as old sewing instruction books, and wish I could sew more for myself than I do.
  16. Hana Celine

    Hana Celine Registered Guest

    Hi I’m Hana, i’m a college student and Etsy owner. I love vintage and retro things.

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  17. petey

    petey Registered Guest

    Greetings from Vt>>> forget I had this unusual blanket [to me] and decided to look here for info. Lovely spot!
  18. amandainvermont

    amandainvermont VFG Member

    Hey Petey! We have a few members from Vermont (as you can see by my name).
  19. Kimberlyykaye

    Kimberlyykaye Registered Guest

    Hi, my name is Kimberly I’m a collector of all things vintage really.
  20. Anomis

    Anomis Registered Guest

    Hello, Merry Xmas, Ho Ho Ho. I live in NYC, where I operate a small vintage shop. My partner and I have a considerable stock of vintage clothing- men’s and women’s*, and we are looking to find buyers who are interested in acquiring merchandise for their stores. We already sell to buyers from Japan and the US, however, new (local) connections are more than welcome. (*30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, high end contemporary.) We can sell as a one time thing, or supply on a regular basis. If you have an online store and would like to sell for us on commission- please do not hesitate to holler. :) We are open to any kind of lucrative collaboration!
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