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Are You New--Please Introduce Yourselves!! 2017

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Information Center - Welcome to the Forums' started by pinky-a-gogo, Feb 24, 2017.

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  1. Marlea

    Marlea Registered Guest

    Hello everyone! I am a seamstress from upstate NY. I have been lucky enough to have worked in a costume shop while I was in college repairing new and old garments and now found myself a position in a vintage clothing store! It is a dream come true! I am excited to have found this forum, it is full of wonderful information, pieces, and people!
  2. chloe le fay

    chloe le fay Registered Guest

    Im an extremely passionate seller of vintage and have done so since passing from 'wearer' to 'seller' in 2010.
    Much better at buying than selling as I'm so precious about my pieces that Im not all that pushy if it feels wrong.
    I specialise in or I should say prefer 70's vintage but try to aim towards collectible labels and investment pieces. But saying that there is an amazing auction house near me every Tuesday and if I see it and love it I tend to buy it. hence having a showroom with about 10 6ft rails containing a bit of everything for everyone.
    I sell on line via Etsy and sometimes ebay, as well as the attending the high end vintage fairs in London, but also have a vintage horse box that is converted to a shop that I take on the road with me in summer.
    I was a member of many groups associated to this group on Facebook but kept getting blocked without really knowing why so Im hoping utilising this forum will be a little easier and clear, and it'll be lovely to have some other people to chat with about these hangs I love

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  3. Dov Weiner

    Dov Weiner Registered Guest

  4. Dov Weiner

    Dov Weiner Registered Guest

    Hi pinky! I am new to the forum. I collected vintage and antique jewelry for many years. I stored everything away and just pulled the collection out. I need some help with getting current. It’s just overwhelming. I will sco
  5. Francisca

    Francisca Registered Guest

    My name is Francisca and have both a brick and mortar and an Etsy shop called Bee & Mason selling vintage clothing and accessories from decades predating 1980s. My favorite are 1920s-1950s. I’ve used the guild as a learning resource and was encouraged by a friend to join.
    Look forward to being part of a community that loves vintage like myself.
  6. Elizabeth Ramos-Boyce

    Elizabeth Ramos-Boyce Registered Guest

    Hi I’m Elizabeth Ramos-Boyce, I’m 51 with two grown adult kids a 25 year old son and a 20 year old daughter.... still living at home after college.... no complaints.... I appreciate the time. I sold vintage designer clothing back in 2007 online on my own website (removed by admin. Please read posting rules) Stopped selling on my private site but decided to reopen this month. So I’m opening all my vintage bins of clothing and this site was helpful back then and now in dating and researching the era of some of my pieces
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  7. Speckdub

    Speckdub Registered Guest

    My name is Valerie. I'm just starting out collection and selling vintage fashion. So far I'm only selling on eBay. I'm here to learn about vintage fashion and how to identify vintage. I'm so thankful for this website. It's so helpful! I would like to focus on clothing and accessories from the 70s - 90s so I'm really trying to learn how to distinguish between modern clothing and those era's.
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