I think I might miss this movie

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    Yikes. Did they just show the ending in the trailer??? Or?
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    I've no idea Barbara. I have a Google Alert for "wearing vintage clothing" and this movie came up! Interestingly, it is a well-regarded film.

    Not my cuppa!
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    Based on the trailer, it really looks like a 70s-style horror film a la Argento, which makes it kind of kitschy I suppose...I can't believe it even got made. Eek! In a further review (linked on the page Maggie added), the filmmaker describes his inspiration as:

    “For me the big influence on this film was old British department stores, and the catalogs, and how thin the paper was, the sound it made, how glossy it was. I think in terms of influences, I guess what I was thinking of was the American sculptor Edward Kienholz — he was a huge influence. He did very uncanny mannequin sculptures. And I think the Herk Harvey film Carnival of Souls; there was a department store scene in that film. I love Italian horror... What we wanted to accentuate, beyond the gothic — the sense that there might be vampires or witches — there’s always this sense that department stores are out of time somewhat,” the director says.

    I find it interesting, the film aside, that traditional, old-fashioned department stores could be seen as so much a part of the past that they are creepy/haunted by nature. That, at least, is interesting to me!
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    Growing up with The Twilight Zone, The After Hours episode is the epitome of Department Store Creepiness!

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