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  1. The Vintage Merchant

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    NEW TO THE FORUMS? Please Introduce Yourself Here

    If you have just registered why not introduce yourself to the rest of us? Tell us a little about who you are and what you like because we'd all love to get to know you.

    Use this thread for posting an introduction to you!!

    Also check out the rest of the Public Information Center for frequently asked technical questions to make your stay an easy as well as pleasant one!

    Here are a few links to help you get started:

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    How to Post a Photo
  2. Anne Adamczyk

    Anne Adamczyk Registered Guest

    Hi, my name is Anne. I have been interested in fashion and design since I was a teenager. Most recently I was making period costumes for myself and my family when we became history re-enactors specializing in the middle ages. I have taken an interest in Viking era. Prior to that I was interested in fashion from the 40s. I have been looking for a pair of Summerette sandals in the floral pattern. It looks like a lot of people have these on their wish list. I look forward to meeting you and sharing our love of vintage fashion.
  3. Itchy&Scratchy

    Itchy&Scratchy Registered Guest

    Hello! I'm old and circling the drain. I'm vintage. I remember fashion books my mother had. I have a strong interest in design and history. I have learned pattern drafting and have sewn my own designs. I would like to start a thread about limited reproductions of classic designs. It's nostalgic for me to find this site because as a young adult I enjoyed visiting all the local vintage shops. However it seems that reproductions may be frowned upon in this venue. Vintage clothing to me seems to be rather self limiting as there is a definite shelf life for many of these fashions. I think a micro industry supplying limited reproductions would benefit the guild and the guild members. It's public relations and advertising. What say you?
  4. Angelique M.

    Angelique M. Registered Guest

    My name is Angelique. I collect hats mostly from the 40s and 50s. I also collect other vintage accessories that interest me.
    I came across the vintage fashion guild while trying to do some research on Brooke Cadwallader after he moved to Mexico.
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  5. PamelaClaire

    PamelaClaire Registered Guest

    Hi! I'm very excited to have stumbled across this site!

    My name is Pam, living in SD but from NY originally. I love vintage clothing, the adventure of thrifting, and above all, the sustainability aspect of creating longevity in clothing. I work in admissions for a major university and have been able to travel to Washington, Colorado, Texas & Oregon (among others) and ALWAYS try to find time to stop in different vintage and thrift stores while traveling.

    I have an affinity for 80's blouses, power-suits, and delicate 1940's and 1950's clothing. Some of my more prized vintage finds include an amazing late 70's black and gold jumpsuit, an 80s gold-lamé blazer, and a 1960's green and yellow mini (wrap) dress. I'd love to eventually transition into becoming a buyer for some vintage stores out in SD or maybe creating my own vintage business one day.

    Until then, excited to have found like-minded peeps on the interwebs!
  6. Abhinav Singh

    Abhinav Singh Registered Guest

    Hi, I am new here. My name is Abhinav Singh. I am a dentist from Lucknow, India.
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  7. The Vintage Merchant

    The Vintage Merchant Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome PamelaClaire and Abhinav!

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