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  1. Kathy Martin

    Kathy Martin Registered Guest

    Hi! I'm Kathy and I just started collecting vintage items. I enjoy the research and the history about the items! Looking forward to talking with everyone.
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  2. Mardi Tiesma Stewart

    Mardi Tiesma Stewart Registered Guest

    New here, and have officially found my happy place. I have always loved vintage, but never really explored it, just went oooh that is pretty and have bought a couple of things here and there. I am currently obsessed with children's vintage clothing - but finding it such a hard thing to research, please share any tips on where to learn alllll the things! I am in the process of starting my own very low key shop hoping I can learn more and more as I go!
  3. Roz Corrigan

    Roz Corrigan Registered Guest

    Hello Im Roz and Im an artist and autism specialist who loves clothes - I would like some help trying to find out if the label IS is actually a Miyake as I a fantastic coat ( see upload ) which have had it since about 2000 and I love it - I am nearly 60 and will wear it one more time on my 60 th birthday along with a Loius de Paris vintage black felt hat and Orange Westwood pirate dress - Punk times were amazing . Any advice on IS label it feels and looks like a Miyake the folds and cut is amazing.

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  4. Brenda Bechtel

    Brenda Bechtel Registered Guest

    Hi there, I’m Brenda and I am new here. I have always been in love with fashion since a small girl playing with paper dolls and cutting out newspaper fashion images. I began sewing at age 13 ( so nearly 50 years) and I have been sewing ever since. I design and sew most of my clothing. I do love to recreate dresses and lingerie from vintage patterns, sometimes using vintage fabrics from the same time period. I collect vintage sewing patterns and love most everything fashion related pre 1950’s. I have a small collection of vintage apparel, lingerie, gloves, and such. My vintage pattern collection is ever growing. I am also interested in vintage beauty related advertising, products etc. I love to share my knowledge of fashion, sewing, collecting and very much enjoy the hunt.
  5. Absinthium

    Absinthium Registered Guest

    Hello! Hello!
    The name's Viktor and I absolutely love vintage & antique men's fashion to the horrific point I've reached, where that is pretty much all I wear every single day. I've utilized the VFG website for countless attempts at dating things I've dug up from the charity shops, but only today realized that there actually was a forum so, well, an enthusiastic hello from here! I'm based in Denmark, which makes labels and all those sorts of things a little tricky to ID, not to forget that there's such a dearth of men's fashion information to begin with, so I've been more or less just kind of working with what I have available and look forward to chatting with like-minded people.

    My best find so far is a 1935 cut-away tail coat I found for £5 in a Sheffield charity shop, and it fits me as well! My favourite piece in my collection is a waistcoat from the 1850s, which, yes, also fits me perfectly and I have worn it on ocassion (please don't kill me, I handle it very gently I swear)

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