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  1. AppleAnn

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    Hello. I collect many different vintage items, but vintage fashion is not one of them. :-( I do come cross it quite a bit in my shopping at estate sales & yard sales though, and I like to pass it on to others, which also helps me support my own habit! I am a stickler about condition, and accuracy in describing items I sell, so when I recently came across a large amount of nice clothes & accessories that "may" be vintage, I started researching. I was frustrated to find that "newer" vintage is much harder to date (as in the mid 80's & 90's timeframe especially.) So here I am. Not just to ask if something is, or isn't vintage, but to learn how to find this information myself. :) I know those of you who are in this field have worked really hard, and put in a lot of hours learning about vintage fashion. I can totally relate, because I have done the same in my area of vintage. I'm willing to learn, not just ask for help on the fly. By the way, I do enjoy seeing others enjoy vintage fashion...I'm just kind of a plain jane who lives in jeans & t-shirts. ☺
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    Welcome QVintage and AppleAnn. Please post any questions or finds - we love sharing our vintage discoveries and sharing knowledge. It is fun sharing the enthusiasm with like-minded folks. I too struggle at identifying "90s vintage". I too have lived in jeans and t-shirts for the last 30 years.
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    Hi, I have been using the guild label resource for quite some time and have found it quite useful for dating some vintage pieces, I now photograph all my labels. I have been collecting vintage since the late 60s when it was very common to pick up 30s, 40s, and 50s items in the thrift store, but back then some of those items weren't vintage yet, but I loved the style and loved my teen 60s style too, still do. It's comfort for me now.
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  5. Cmarie

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    hi There! I’m from Ontario Canada and just Love thrifting and sharing my treasures!
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    Hello all, I'm from Western Australia and love thrifting.
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    Hi I’m Kate! I’m from Wales, UK. Obsessed with vintage fashion. Recently came across a lovely fur coat but have no clue what animal it is! Any help would be very appreciated!

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