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THE Antique & Vintage Clothing Book List!

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Information Center - Welcome to the Forums' started by crinolinegirl, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. I've just given a long list of these books to my family. They're always looking for ideas for Christmas gifts and it will make a refreshing change to give them an answer this year! :) Hopefully I'll have lots of reading to so since it's my birthday on the 3rd January too! :santa3: :christmastree:
  2. nostalgic*collections

    nostalgic*collections Registered Guest

    What a great idea Louise! My list keeps getting longer and longer.

    Melody's book has finally arrived so I can check that one off!!
  3. I've got Melody's book too. :) I love it!

    CRAZYBUBBA Registered Guest

    A couple more:

    -Denim: From Cowboys to Catwalks: A Visual History of the World's Most Legendary Fabric
    by Graham Marsh (Author), Paul Trynka (Author), June Marsh (Editor)

    - Vintage T-shirts
    by Lisa Kidner (Author)
  5. mumu

    mumu Registered Guest

    A fantastic list´╝îthank you so much for your share.
  6. Leisa

    Leisa VFG Member

    This is great & so are the updates!

    wandering off to find/buy a humongous book case...
  7. melindamilkshake

    melindamilkshake Registered Guest

    WOW! What a plethora of information. Fantastic.
  8. 50sVintage

    50sVintage Registered Guest

    This list is utterly amazing.
    Thank you so much!


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  9. max10

    max10 Registered Guest

    good list,we may get more knowledge from it
  10. PersonalPursuits

    PersonalPursuits VFG Member

    Thank you so much for sharing your list. I love fashion research books!
  11. vintagebaby

    vintagebaby Registered Guest

    Thanks so much!
  12. patjnj

    patjnj Registered Guest

    *peeks around corner* Below is an excerpt from one of my posts in another thread; I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post it here myself, or if it has to go through somebody Official, but here goes:

    ---Thank you, Lei, for directing me to the book list. What a wealth of information is out there... how kind of you to compile so much of it in one handy place!

    I stumbled across a resource that I don't think has been mentioned yet in the thread:

    Montgomery Ward Fashions of the Twenties, by JoAnne Olian

    Look for the link below the description to view sample pages--8 of them, including several pages of text and a few pages of gorgeous full-color images of ladies' coats, children's coats, and lingerie.---

    *runs and hides*

  13. suelangley

    suelangley Alumni

    Hi Lei,
    Love your great book list, and thanks so much for including Vintage Hats & Bonnets 1770-1970! Thought you might like to know that even though the 1st edition is out of print, the 2nd edition (2009) is available - with much more emphasis on the hats of the 30s-60s (which are much easier to find today). Also included are many styles from all eras that needed to be represented but that weren't available to me when the 1st edition was published.

    Also, Flapper Fashionistas might like the two volume set on this exciting era: Roaring 20s Fashions: Jazz (covering thge 1st half of the decade) and Roaring 20s Fashion Deco (which covers the second). Together, at about 500 pages, they're a year by year picture of the era's fashion changes, including evening and day wear, sportswear - all professionally photographed and illustrated with period fashion plates and plenty of vintage photos. Each book also has a large section on men's and children's styles.

    Many readers might also like the classic books of historian R. (Ruth) Turner Wilcox (which MMA also recommended), including my fav, The Mode in Hats & Headdresses; The Mode in Footwear and The Mode in Costume. All of her books go back just about to the dawn of time, and are chuck full of fascinating fashion facts in addition to her own illustrations. The Mode in Costume has been reprinted in paperback; the others I think will have to be hunted for.

    Again, many thanks! Sue
  14. momoru

    momoru Registered Guest

    :saint: thanks for sharing
  15. Freebirdvintage

    Freebirdvintage Registered Guest

    Books....Are there any good suggestions for 60's & 70's fashion ref.? Glam as well as the bohemian movement? There are so many books out there, it's enough to make one bonkers:wub:
  16. peaceful vintage

    peaceful vintage Administrator VFG Past President

    Thank you all. I have a lot less money now...but I have more books coming!! I bought my books from Amazon and I got in a bit of trouble when I kept seeing those who bought this also bought this...so I kept buying and buying.. Oh well, I am super excited.
  17. garyhen

    garyhen Registered Guest

    This is really very nice information about the vintage collections and all.I really like this website.
  18. DreFindsVintage

    DreFindsVintage Registered Guest

    Going to the library tomorow. Thanks, love the list.
  19. Goth Hobbit

    Goth Hobbit Registered Guest

    Has anyone mentioned Labarre Books' offerings? I'm saving up my pennies to get their Reference Book of Women's Vintage Clothing: 1900-1909 and ...1910-1919. I'm so happy that they're back in print!

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