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THE Antique & Vintage Clothing Book List!

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Information Center - Welcome to the Forums' started by crinolinegirl, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. Pinkcoke

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    'Foundations of Fashion' The Symmington Corsetry Collection 1860-1900 by Phillip Warren (ISBN 0850224365)
    Published in 2001 by Leicestershire County Council who hold the collection of over a thousand garments it is a fantastic resource for corsetry, underwear and the social history associated with both. To my joy it also had a few excellent pages about their swimwear range which started in 1937, which has already helped me date three swimming costumes I was unsure about. It gives individual photographs of most of the collection together with very useful descriptions on why the item was produced, whether or not it was successful and the materials and how it fastens. Lots of period adverts; it also has a section describing the manufacturing process and an excellect glossary of specialist terms including brand names, parts, materials and techniques.
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