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Are you NEW?? Introduce Yourself!! 2006-2014

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Information Center - Welcome to the Forums' started by Patentleathershoes, Feb 16, 2006.

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  1. karen mizzi

    karen mizzi Registered Guest

    I've been watching from the sidelines for a while. I love restoring anything vintage. Mainly furniture and dresses. I started an online store selling
    My 2 favourite eras are the 30s and 60s. I used to love playing in my mums wardrobe with all her 60s clothing and I love the 30s because my favourite movies as a child were with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

    I love learning about Vintage and this website is like my bible for labels.

    Karen x
  2. theresa carmagnola

    theresa carmagnola Registered Guest

    Good Morning! I am new to the website...and I am looking for guidance.
    I recently received dozens of vintage couture including designers Chanel, Valentino, St Johns, Emanuel Ungaro
    Some of the items still have their original price tags in place. Most of the clothing is from the late 60's to the late 90's
    Is there a market for such items...just not sure what to do with all these clothes.
    I appreciate any feed back.
  3. shadesoftime

    shadesoftime Registered Guest

    Hello everyone!

    I recently signed up, after a few months of going through thrift shops and collecting vintage clothing items. I used to go to thrift shops in order to find clothes for myself, and was often disappointed, but since discovering some lovely/funny/beautiful vintage pieces, going there is now so exciting to me, and feels like a treasure hunt! I do not have any background in fashion though, so I just had to learn along the way, and am still pretty bad at dating clothing in the absence of labels/recognizable zips, etc.
    So far, the VFG website as been a mine of very useful information, and I love to read the forums and see your expertise about dating garments. I hope to learn a lot from that, from on the field observations, as well as from the recommended literature. It is also great to know that I will have a place where I can share my newly found treasures, and if I may, I would also appreciate to ask your opinion about some of the items I found and have doubts about. I also hope that I will be able to contribute through my own research!

    Thank you

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  4. vaseline_deon

    vaseline_deon Registered Guest

    lifelong fashion fiend here and tho i have people with whom i talk to about it, im almost at the point of being too far gone/esoteric for most. LOVE vintage and as an artist and designer fashion history and garment construction is a huge, wonderful world to me.

    feel like i need to be learning more than im obsessively hoarding the amazing pile of vintage dresses. learn about makes, history, etc etc. ive been active on art and sewing forumz before but never onez about fashion. i think this is a great distraction from the likes of facebook.
    attached image: tina turner

  5. Velvet Willows

    Velvet Willows Registered Guest

    Hello all!

    I'm new to the world of vintage selling, though I have always loved having my own personal collection of vintage clothing.
    I still feel so new and overwhelmed in learning everything there is to know about vintage clothing & vintage selling so I thought I would join the forums to expand my knowledge :)

    I'm 25, live in Worcester MA but am originally from Poland Spring, Maine (yes, like the water) and I have one spoiled cat named Samantha.
    My day job is in the mental health field and while I LOVE LOVE LOVE my job working in a group home for 18-23 year olds with mental illness, it's really hard to pay off student loans & save for a future when you work in social services!

    I look forward to being a part of this community & hope to learn much from the many expert vintage sellers on here...
  6. Pinkcoke

    Pinkcoke Alumni

    Hello Velvet! (curious minds want to know is that your first name?) If so how lush!
    This is a great place to learn, I joined as a guest a few years ago for similar reasons and have never looked back. If you haven't already, I'd start by reading through some of the guides on the website, such as our timeline, and maybe one of the specialist topics that takes your fancy. Feel free to ask any questions in the Q&A thread.
  7. kellyb

    kellyb Registered Guest

    Hi everyone:) I’ve been registered on this site for a while now but this is my first post. My interest in vintage clothing started when I bought a Frank Usher dress, I didn’t know anything about vintage fashion at the time but I found the resources here and realised it was from the 1950s, and that‘s how it all started! I mostly wear simpler styles from the 60s, but I love fashions from the 40s through to the 70s. I started selling on eBay 2 years ago as I don’t have space for a collection and this way I still get to buy, keep the items for a while, learn as much as I can about them and then sell them on (usually anyway!) I do collect aprons by St Michael from the 50s-70s, I love the fun prints, they’re cheap and don’t take up much room so I can buy as many as I want:) The resources here have been really helpful to me over the last couple of years so thanks to you all, I would love to sell vintage full time but I have a lot to learn, I can’t wait to learn more, contribute if I can or just talk vintage!
    Kelly x
  8. Catbooks1940s

    Catbooks1940s VFG Member

    welcome kelly!

    do you happen to have a photo of your 50s frank usher dress? i'm in the states and the only ones i've come across and had thus far were from the 70s and 80s.

    that's exactly how i look at it. i don't have to worry about if something fits or suits me, only if i love it for one reason or another, and hopefully be able to find exactly the right person the piece belongs with. often i feel like a foster mom of vintage clothing, or some kind of vintage clothing matchmaker :)

    and one of the wonderful things about vintage is there's always something else to learn. always.
  9. Pinkcoke

    Pinkcoke Alumni

    Hi Kelly,
    I take it from your favourite brands you're in the UK? I'm in the east midlands. I would LOVE to see your 1950's Frank Usher dress. I bought one this summer and it is now my new favourite, I tried to find another one but sadly they are few and far between! I also hoard a collection of aprons, many St Michael (great novelty designs) though I hope to list some on the way up to Christmas.
    Hope to hear from you again soon :)
  10. kellyb

    kellyb Registered Guest

    Hi Joan, I wish I still had the dress unfortunately I sold it but it I wish I had kept it or kept photos of it although I wont forget it :), it was a black silk taffeta with a portrait neckline and the bodice had an asymmetrical button fastening it was plain in colour but such beautiful construction and the first dress I ever sold but the biggest regret :( I know what you mean about 'fostering' a piece and hopefully finding the right owner, I can't help but become attached to pieces and often I wish I didn't have to sell them, I still have a 40s wedding dress and I just can't bring myself to sell it, I feel like I just want to keep it safe for now :)
    Lovely to meet you x
  11. Catbooks1940s

    Catbooks1940s VFG Member

    hi kelly :)

    oh well, it would have been lovely to see it, but i'll have to make do with your description and my imagination. heh, i've definitely had 'seller's remorse' before, as you had with your usher. mostly with pieces i've sold from my private collection, but some i'd bought to sell but fell in love with, yet weren't my current size. still, it's very gratifying when someone who truly loves the item buys them and is thrilled, so that helps take the sting out of it.

    i have a late 30s to early 40s wedding dress i'm not (yet?) able to let go of either. it was the wedding dress of a friend of my parents, who's always been very dear to me. i just can't sell it. what i'd really love is to get married in it. i never had my mother's wedding dress, so this would be the next best thing. so, i understand how you feel.

    lovely to meet you too!
  12. kellyb

    kellyb Registered Guest

    Hi Melanie, I'm in the west midlands so not too far away:) as I said to Joan I really wish I hadn't but I sold my Frank Usher dress, it was beautiful and it really was the beginning of my vintage obsession, I haven't found another since but I hope to! I love my aprons too, the St Michael brand is a bit sentimental to me, I remember shopping at M&S a lot with my mum when I was very young in the early 80s, before Marks & Spencer was even added to the labels, ok now I feel old :( But yes I love the novelty designs, I have aprons with poodles, kittens,stamps,shops and all kinds of things! I have sold a couple of doubles I had in the past, they did do well around christmas time, think I'll be hanging on to the rest of my collection, no regrets that way!
    Thanks for your kind welcome, hope to talk to you soon x
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  13. OneSpanishFly

    OneSpanishFly Registered Guest

    Hello Ladies and Gents. My name is Andrew. I've been in love with the thrill of finding rare and unique items since I was younger. My parents would take me to various flea markets and vintage fairs on the weekends, so I developed the itch early on. Recently I have started to become more serious about the collecting and trading of vintage clothing. I am excited to be joining this community and look forward to sharing my finds. I have already found so much valuable information, I love it!:)
  14. Retro Ruth

    Retro Ruth VFG Member Staff Member

    Welcome Andrew, velvet and all the others, do jump in.
  15. atticoftreasures2007

    atticoftreasures2007 Registered Guest

    Hi my name is Jan! Ever since I was a child I appreciated vintage and antique treasures. I have a love for vintage jewelry, and am a collector, buyer and seller of it. I feel like an outfit without jewelry is like a cupcake without icing!
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  16. DianaTheArtisanal

    DianaTheArtisanal Registered Guest

    I just registered today and look forward to getting to know you all! I sell vintage on Etsy. Mostly jewelry. Glad to be here!
  17. SleepingBeauty

    SleepingBeauty Registered Guest

    Hello everyone! Just a quick introduction. I live in Australia and appreciate vintage jewelry, handbags and fashion items. I can't say I am a collector, but I have been lucky enough to be given a few beautiful vintage pieces as gifts over the years. Nice to meet you all and looking forward to having a look around!
  18. The Vintage Merchant

    The Vintage Merchant Administrator Staff Member

  19. SleepingBeauty

    SleepingBeauty Registered Guest

    Thanks Mary...sorry how do I delete a thread?...I posted a thread in the wrong area sorry...newbie error :/
  20. The Vintage Merchant

    The Vintage Merchant Administrator Staff Member

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