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NEW TO THE FORUMS? Please introduce yourself here! 2019

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Information Center - Welcome to the Forums' started by The Vintage Merchant, Jan 28, 2019.

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  1. AppleAnn

    AppleAnn Registered Guest

    Hello. I collect many different vintage items, but vintage fashion is not one of them. :-( I do come cross it quite a bit in my shopping at estate sales & yard sales though, and I like to pass it on to others, which also helps me support my own habit! I am a stickler about condition, and accuracy in describing items I sell, so when I recently came across a large amount of nice clothes & accessories that "may" be vintage, I started researching. I was frustrated to find that "newer" vintage is much harder to date (as in the mid 80's & 90's timeframe especially.) So here I am. Not just to ask if something is, or isn't vintage, but to learn how to find this information myself. :) I know those of you who are in this field have worked really hard, and put in a lot of hours learning about vintage fashion. I can totally relate, because I have done the same in my area of vintage. I'm willing to learn, not just ask for help on the fly. By the way, I do enjoy seeing others enjoy vintage fashion...I'm just kind of a plain jane who lives in jeans & t-shirts. ☺
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  2. amandainvermont

    amandainvermont VFG Member

    Welcome QVintage and AppleAnn. Please post any questions or finds - we love sharing our vintage discoveries and sharing knowledge. It is fun sharing the enthusiasm with like-minded folks. I too struggle at identifying "90s vintage". I too have lived in jeans and t-shirts for the last 30 years.
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  3. oso victoria

    oso victoria Registered Guest

    Hi, I have been using the guild label resource for quite some time and have found it quite useful for dating some vintage pieces, I now photograph all my labels. I have been collecting vintage since the late 60s when it was very common to pick up 30s, 40s, and 50s items in the thrift store, but back then some of those items weren't vintage yet, but I loved the style and loved my teen 60s style too, still do. It's comfort for me now.
  4. poppysvintageclothing

    poppysvintageclothing VFG Board Member Staff Member VFG Past President

    Nice to hear from you, oso victoria, sounds like you must have quite the collection! Glad to hear you are using the VFG label resource.
  5. Cmarie

    Cmarie Registered Guest

    hi There! I’m from Ontario Canada and just Love thrifting and sharing my treasures!
  6. Iwannaknow

    Iwannaknow Registered Guest

    Hello all, I'm from Western Australia and love thrifting.
  7. Chris Mc

    Chris Mc Registered Guest

    Hello all! I'm Chris Mc and I live in New Mexico, USA. I was raised on vintage, I thrive on vintage, I buy vintage, and I plan to sell vintage, starting soon. Clothing is not my forte, but I do have a few articles and accessories. I stumbled upon this forum while researching what I think is an ostrich leather clutch (I will be posing questions in the near future) and I was impressed with the wealth of knowledge and expertise I discovered here. I avidly research everything I'm going to sell because I want to provide customers with true and accurate information (and I love the thrill of discovery!), and I believe this site is going to be a great resource.
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  8. PeterB

    PeterB Registered Guest

    Hello-My name is Peter
    I was searching for vintage G A Dunn labels having just bought a gorgeous men's tweed coat from I guess the Fifties and stumbled across this Forum
    I have always liked the fashion scene being in bedsit land near Kensington Market in the mid-Seventies and working in the St James area of London where a pair of Lobb hand-made shoes were the equivalent of a half-years salary.I trawl charity shops for rarities and am sometimes lucky-It's just fun
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  9. Shant Bhansali

    Shant Bhansali Registered Guest

    I am Shant Bhansali, the Managing Director of International Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD), at Gurukul, Ahmedabad. He is the founder CMD of INIFD Ahmedabad since last 21 years. INIFD has climbed the ladder of success under his mentorship. While his experience in academics gives him the necessary skills to strategize and execute different programmes in the field of design, his top management experience in large corporate world gives the necessary strength to translate those strategies into real-time.
  10. ZoeBee

    ZoeBee Registered Guest

    My name is Zoe. I love the quality and craftsmanship of vintage clothing.
    Have been collecting since the 70s. Luckily I grew up in the beach area of
    CA and there were many thrift stores and garage sales.
    Sold in Santa Barbara at the Antique Mall.
    Still love finding treasures and meeting new folks like you!
    Thank you for having me here
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  11. The Vintage Merchant

    The Vintage Merchant Administrator Staff Member

  12. Thriftdust

    Thriftdust Registered Guest

    We are a husband and wife (Andy & Carolyn) who are new to the vintage world. Always looking for info about awesome finds that we don't know much about. Thanks!
  13. The Vintage Merchant

    The Vintage Merchant Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to the Vintage Fashion Guild!!

    you may find this list helpful finding your way around here (copied and pasted from our Getting Help with Your Vintage Fashions FAQ section):

    "How do I start building my own expertise?"

    *The "Tips and Tricks" section on our main page is a wealth of information for anyone from the novice vintage lover to a true vintage aficionado.

    *There is a lot of information about garment specifics on our main page.

    *Check out our interesting and very informative timeline.

    *Question about a fur garment? Check out our Fur Resource here.

    *Trying to identify your garment from your label or tags? Check out our Label Resource which also includes ILGWU union labels.

    *Need help dating vintage lingerie? We have an excellent Lingerie Guide to help.

    *And a list of books written by VFG members.

    *Don't forget to check the resources at your own local library; you may be surprised at what you'll find there, too.
  14. etw1987

    etw1987 Registered Guest

    Hi! My name is Liz and I'm a dress historian based in the Boston, MA area. I currently work in two museums, The Nichols House Museum as well as the costume collection for the National Society for the Colonial Dames of America, MA. I love antiquing & finding old clothes myself and have started my own small collection. I really like finding small designers/boutiques from other eras and this site has helped narrow dates down, and may, hopefully help in the future.
  15. slizbrown

    slizbrown Registered Guest

    Hi there,

    I've been an avid fan of vintage fashion (along with interior design and architecture) for years. I'm so glad I found this website, lots of great information!
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  16. Racked Vintage

    Racked Vintage Alumni VFG Past President

    Hello and welcome, Liz @etw1987 and @slizbrown ! We hope you enjoy our site and the wonderful exchanges taking place over in our Forums!
  17. EverythingISpeachy

    EverythingISpeachy Registered Guest

    Hello I love the 40s-50s fashion and want to gain more insight into the style and incorporate it more into my wardrobe. I’m a huge vintage nerd going to antique shops is my happy getaway. Even going on vacations I look forward to finding them it’s like a treasure hunt. Not only am I into the fashion but the decor and furnishings, my late 70s home is decorated in mostly thrift and vintage 1940s-1950s meets grandma’s cozy cottage influences. I’m 25 but my heart is 80 years ago !! I’m practicing hand sewing it’s hard but really therapeutic, maybe I’ll get better and start making doll clothes inspired by the 40s and make them for my daughter who’s 3. I also collect little girl vintage dresses! Mostly 50s. Anyways thank you for reading nice meeting you!
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  18. Jami Bassman Ahart

    Jami Bassman Ahart Registered Guest

    Hi! I’m Jami and I know little to nothing but I adore vintage clothing. Lean heavily toward the 60’s and 70’s. Like real estate, I think looking at the style of the time gives us a peek into the values and energy of that moment in time. I’d really like to learn a lot more and I’m really happy to be here. Also, it’s my birthday and this is a little gift to myself!
  19. sewingmachinegirl

    sewingmachinegirl VFG Member

    Hi Shelly- that slipper pattern is awesome! Welcome aboard.
  20. Folake Soyemi

    Folake Soyemi Registered Guest

    Hello everyone! I am excited to be here. I am a savvy vintage shopper. I have been collecting and wearing vintage for 10 years now. I get lots of compliments on how I style my vintage pieces and this inspired me to recently start up a vintage fashion and style online apparel & clothing. I am enthusiastic to learn more about "the vintage fashion world". I believe joining VFG will give me the exposure that I could use to do well in my new start up vintage business. I hope to become VFS "Trade member" someday.
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