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Old tech support and forum questions

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Information Center - Welcome to the Forums' started by cherry-pie-and-roses, Mar 20, 2004.

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  1. blubirdboutique

    blubirdboutique Registered Guest

    Hello :)

    I recently changed my business name from blubird boutique to terrasita. Is it possible to do a name change on the forum, or do I need to make a new profile?

  2. husionbloom

    husionbloom Registered Guest

    I just registered, but I can be a bit fickle. How do you change your username?
  3. esperanza1988

    esperanza1988 Registered Guest

    Hi, all!
    I am new here, I have edited my signature already yesterday, it is "love for the guitar", but it just cannot be displayed in my posts. Is there any problem?
    Thanks for your replying!
  4. Retro Ruth

    Retro Ruth VFG Member Staff Member

    I think you have be a trade member for the sig to work - I've never got mine to work either.

  5. Elsewhere

    Elsewhere VFG Member

    Ruth is correct :)
    Unfortunately, we were unable to get people to abide by the forum rules (ie: no advertising, links or shop names in sigs), so we were forced to just disable that feature for non-trade-members.
  6. esperanza1988

    esperanza1988 Registered Guest

    Hi, what do you mean by trade member? Thanks!
  7. cotmyey

    cotmyey VFG Member

  8. esperanza1988

    esperanza1988 Registered Guest

    Thanks for providing the rules. So, I must pay for the "trade member" registration?
  9. Best $35 I spend all year!

  10. jessejames

    jessejames Registered Guest

    Some forum require 5 to 10 post to post a link or to post signature in the post may be same rule have to follow in this forum also.
  11. cricket44/44

    cricket44/44 Registered Guest

    I am a novice to this website and cannot reply to a member's answer to my question. I have read the guidelines but continue to have problems in replying. I have clicked to no avail. How do I get in touch with this member?
  12. You could post a reply in the forum the question appeared in, or if you wanted to email the member privately, their sig file may contain a link to the website where you can contact them.

    There is currently no way to privately contact a member directly through the forum.

  13. elvenom

    elvenom Registered Guest

    Hi there, I didnt know where else to post this. I posted a topic in the PUblic Q & A Forum..I received notification that there was a reply to my post, but when I clicked the link and the page came up, I got an error message that said I do not have permission to view this forum - and now my post is gone. Did I do something wrong? I have posted in the forum in the past w/ no problem so I am confused. ???
  14. pinky-a-gogo

    pinky-a-gogo VFG Member VFG Past President

    I looked into this and it seems like your original post was removed because you had a link in it. Please re-post your question without any links.

    If you have any questions about what can or cannot be posted here, please read the forum posting rules above.

    Thank you!
  15. elvenom

    elvenom Registered Guest

    Thank you Pinky. I don't recall posting any links within the post, just the photos. And I keep getting notifications of replies to the thread, but I'm not allowed to view it. Someone edited the title of my post with ADMINS, WHO EDITED THIS? Very strange..but I will repost.
  16. pinky-a-gogo

    pinky-a-gogo VFG Member VFG Past President


    I didn't see it so I don't know what kind of links were in it... Maybe it was a glitch.

    No biggie--just re-post when you get a chance so we can all see.

  17. pinky-a-gogo

    pinky-a-gogo VFG Member VFG Past President

    Hi again, I guess the issue was the watermark in your photos.... Just wanted to let you know. So when you re-list just keep the watermarks off and everything should be a-ok!!


  18. elvenom

    elvenom Registered Guest

    Oh. do you mean my shop name? I don't watermark my photos, butI was using a diffeent comp when I edited that batch so maybe I did it unknowingly. My shop name is generally in the lower corner of my photos but that wasn't a problem in the past. Thanks for the heads up; will check them for watermarks. :)
  19. Trish

    Trish Registered Guest

    I thought I read somewhere to close your thread when your question has been answered, but I don't see how to do that. Is this possible?
  20. Linn

    Linn Super Moderator Staff Member VFG Past President

    Trish -

    We usually don't close threads in case someone finds some information further down the road and wants to reopen the topic. We moved to this Forum last Fall and closing the thread may have been an option on the older Forum. At present only Administrators can do this, so don't worry about it!
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