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    Show and Tell

    I wanted to start a thread because I couldn't find one on the 1980s. Specifically to show and tell.

    I have always said that the 80s were not given enough credit. They reached back to the past and reinvented. Amazing and sometimes outlandish creations. I think the Memphis Group.

    My fascination began when I came across Eve Kaplin. A pair of earrings. I had seen Memphis but never really considered it until I saw the aforementioned designer. She has said that she really wasn't inspired by the Group but it's undoubtedly part of her influence. As are, IMO, Alexander Calder and the post-modernists like Kandinsky and Malevich and even Miro.

    She died very young, and I really can't figure out if it was an illness she contracted in Brazil or even a plane crash. She was 28 and died January 1, 1984. Tragedy. Imagine what she would have accomplished.

    I recently found a necklace to round off my Eve Kaplin jewelry collection. I'd been searching for a some time now. It was my most expensive vintage purchase to date but I couldn't resist.

    Here is my Kaplin collection, to date. The necklace is reversible.



    So what from the 1980s do you collect? What are you searching for from this decade? What do you love and why?

    Share and post photographs!

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  2. Jonathan

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    Those are great Memphis pieces. I wish I had bought more of them when they were easy to find cheaply. Memphis was such a short lived style and most of the Memphis architecture has since been remodelled. There used to be a great Memphis style movie theatre where I saw Back to the Future part II - it was a perfect pairing! Interesting story about Eve Kaplan - she really died at the height of the Memphis movement.
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  4. lindapoirier

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    Yes! I also have to buy that book.

    Thanks Jonathan. I really only like her stuff. I wouldn't refuse some of Memphis Group pieces if someone wanted to give them to me, though. Maybe one really nice piece.

    It is Kaplin because I have the brooch on card and it's clearly an "i". I find it very interesting that nothing is out there about her early passing. I, myself, find it very interesting that it was January 1st. Maybe it was an accident related to partying on New Year's Eve? OH, that is pure speculation on my part and not very polite. It just so weird that there is no information on how she died.

    Edit. I also love Atari. I did not know until recently that there are "RARE" Atari games. For instance "Air Raid" in original box with instructions is worth $33, 400! OMG
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    Being a Barbie doll collector and having gotten my first Barbie doll as a kid in the 80s, there came the time when I started to look back on the sometimes crazy, sometimes really amazing Barbie fashions of my childhood a few years ago. In collector's books etc. these are still largely undocumented, except for what the actual dolls were sold wearing, and a few special things like the Oscar de la Renta outfits. But there's some cool stuff out there, and I believe I have amassed quite a bit of knowledge on these! Here's some faves that I acquired mostly after starting too look for 80s stuff specifically:
    fashionfantasy3.jpg ghanian_fundus.jpg model_80s_2.jpg noelle_kyori_80s.jpg romanticinterlude_haute couture.jpg romanticinterlude_haute couture2.jpg taiwan_divas.jpg

    kyori_red5.jpg viky_chilean_twiceasnice.jpg model_twiceasnice2.jpg model_twiceasnice3.jpg
    Twice As Nice Fashions - reversible!

    midge_oscardelarenta1.jpg midge_oscardelarenta2.jpg oscardelarenta.jpg
    kyori_red3.jpg Oscar de la Renta (the blue and silver one is one of my childhood faves and the actual one that I kept!)

    nancy_jeans.jpg nancy1.jpg nancy3.jpg nancy5.jpg nancystar.jpg
    And here are my 2 Nancy dolls from Spain. Not my childhood one - as a kid I had a brunette with lovely long hair, but she didn't "survive". I did have the jeans outfit on the left though, so I was superhappy to find this again. I bought both the dolls in their original boxes, they're both 80s - one has a dance mechanism, the other one can "talk". I loved Nancy's wild outfits with lotsa lurex. There are Nancy collectors around in Spain - the doll has been around since the 1960s with the same body and face. She's about 30cm tall and has the figure of a young teenager, though her wardrobe is a bit more grown-up than that. Her signature feature are her freckles. The blue jumsuit's top actually has small shoulder pads!


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  7. foofoogal

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    Fabulous dolls Midge.

    There is a Eve Kaplin Design, Inc. FB page with more photos of this jewelry.
    From the About on the FB page:

    On a trip to Brazil over the holidays that year, Eve fell ill and died on January 1, 1984. She was 28 years old. The cause of death was never conclusively discovered.

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    I just LOVE that Barbie Fashion. I also had my first Barbies in the early 80's and certainly recognize some of those.
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    I found, quite possibly, the best 80s shirt ever made yesterday at Value Village for $4.99!!!!!! AMAZING! The tag is completely worn off of all information, does anyone here have an idea as to the designer or do you think it might simply be a generic knockoff?

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  11. lindapoirier

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    My latest 80s watch. It's just a cardinal but I adore it.

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    Oh, it isn't clothes but it is 80s and definitely Memphis influence. ZOLO! MOMA wooden toy for children. I recently came across one. I love it. Higashi Glaswer Design, 1986.

  13. Jonathan

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  14. lindapoirier

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    I got this skirt for $39.95 on Etsy. In the 80s sweater skirt sets were all the rage. The huge red treble clef is right on the bum. It looks amazing on. Ha! A seller on Ebay has a sweater in different colors but I think one piece is quite enough. I wear a simple black sweater with it.

  15. sewingmachinegirl

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    That skirt is amazing!. It looks straight out of an 80s pop video :clapping:
  16. lindapoirier

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    Thanks! I definitely thought it might be too much but I was thrilled to discover how great it looked on. It's looks more like, to my eye, a black pencil skirt than a colorful music journey!!!

    Whenever I wear my Eve Kaplin jewelry, people ALWAYS ask me questions. So I decided to get two of the most popular books on Memphis Design because when I reference Memphis Design people ask me about it. I decided to try and know a bit more. I got, 'Memphis: Objects, Furniture and Patterns' by Richard Horn and 'Memphis: Research, Experiences, Results, Failures and Success Of New Design' by Barbara Radice.

    I can't wait to get these!!!
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    Not vintage fashion but I thought this was a great retro piece - it's a 10" pillar candle holder made by Wang International Ltd:
  18. lindapoirier

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    Yes, it's amazing. Not since deco has design in fashion and design in furniture been so identifiably connected, IMO. Astounding.

    Edit. I suppose that is a sign of "GREAT" Art. It's so pervasive that all Artist feed off of each other.
  19. zilchist

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    So amazing, like Miro's painting, my favorite. :violins:
  20. Postboxred

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    Louis Feraud dress and jacket co-ord set, if only i could fit into the dress....

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