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    Thanks, I googled "my first sony" and saw all the images of the different pieces. Mine is very similar to them, as you point out. However, I can't find a label or name anywhere on mine just a little sticker that says "Made in China".
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    I am moving. I bought a house. Closing date is Sept. 30/14. I signed the mortgage today. I am going to have an auction, though. My stuff. Not my vintage clothing. So, I am cleaning up and today I found a chair that I knew I had bought but didn't know I still had it. I bought it when I was a teenager. AN INFLATABLE CLEAR PLASTIC CHAIR FROM THE 1980s!!!


    Mint in package!

    I am SO keeping this chair. I just bought a matching ottoman on Ha!

    I have a loft and it is going to be my recreational room and house my entire vinyl record collection. Nothing more appropriate than a vinyl chair and ottoman to recreate in while listening to music!

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    MJ, you are the queen of kindness. Thank you!
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    I wanted to share my 80s ensemble with you all. I have a rotating display in my new home and I just got the matching cardigan this week so I put this up for display for now. I had a kimono on display before. I used a very old papier marche mask to top it off.


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    OH! I forgot, I got these Eve Kaplin earrings for $1 at a local thrift store.

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    I'm looking for this Laura Ashley 80s set in a size Small:
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    Oh my stars Linda. Love the musical set. Who did them?
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    It looks like a genertic 80s label: Creative Force. Made in Hong Kong. It looks soooo cool on!
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    Don't forget 80s beaded silk jacket/blouse! :)

    Diana 80s II.jpg diana 80s.jpg IMG_20150105_223540.jpg
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    Great mind.. I like it
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    Tons of eve kaplin stuff here!!!
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    Great new 80s sweater for $9.99 at Value Village.


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    Very nice - that almost looks like it's based on an ice skating costume.
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    Dressing Up by Marissa Berenson (Elsa Schiaparelli's granddaughter), copyright 1984
    IMG_20150304_182519_474.jpg IMG_20150304_183212_202.jpg IMG_20150304_182701_978.jpg IMG_20150304_183055_265.jpg IMG_20150304_182937_094.jpg
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    Loved the 80's!! #1 and #2 sons were born in the 80's.
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    Checkout this never worn 80s Shelby pumps. I love the funk pattern on it and it has little studs on the tip of the shoes! Sadly size 6 and I can't fit into it.
    2015-02-17 13.00.40.jpg
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