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OLD THREAD 2004 -just registered? INTRODUCE YOURSELF

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Information Center - Welcome to the Forums' started by artisannes, Mar 20, 2004.

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  1. Hi, Jamie. We're neighbors! I live in southwest Carrollton, so I'm only about 10 minutes away from you. Whew--I'm glad we're not competing for stock (yet). :)

    Hi, Laura! Welcome! I can't believe I hadn't run across your site, yet. It's great as both a store and an educational resource! Doh! I've paid double your prices for "vintage reproduction" patterns, too.
  2. Bobbi

    Bobbi Registered Guest

    Wow you guys, what a lovely warm welcome!! Thank you soooo much! Gees, now I'm, never gonna get off the computer and get any work done :violins:

    I promise to open up the trunks this week and take some photos to share with you of mom's clothes. She'll be tickled pink! Rick (the bf) still has my transfer cord for the camera...hopefully I will see him next weekend to get it back!
    Besides clothes mom saved some fabrics and some petti point work done for slippers. I promised her that I would have the one set framed for her bedroom.

    Steph has nudged me to give you some links to what I do and or belong to so here we go (you'll know far more about me than you probably will care too....lol) Here we go --
    These are sites where you will find me, my life and/or some of my art work:

    This is where I store pictures of my mosaics and other art work (until I figure out how to build a proper website)


    I have a webshots album with lots of pics of other projects I am working on and also include pic's around my little farm here and my bf's carnivorous plant business that he is just starting up


    I was thrilled to be invited to be a resident artist (and part time writer) on this wonderful site called "The Soul Food Cafe". I can't say enough good about it. You could get lost in it for hours...days even. Loads of inspiration and support for writers, poets, artists, everyone... we have a ball making up new fantasy lives for ourselves and then we make art or write a story about it....

    This is the site's homepage: http://www.dailywriting.net
    and this is the link to my artists bio page there: http://www.dailywriting.net/FetterlyStudio.htm (appologies now because my bio far exceeds my artwork on the page...I must get my butt off the computer and back to making art for my page!!)

    Lastly, I run an Arts & Crafts group on MSN called (duh) Canadian Arts & Crafts. There are just about 390 member's now from all over the world and we cover all sorts of art and craft forms. If you want to look around just hit the Join button and fill out the info and say in the little box that you are from this group and I will let you in right away. I locked the group because so much nasty and rude spam was starting to filter in.

    ok, that's it, that's all (I think)

    Now, I want to get back to looking around here some more...I am in such trouble being here..I love vintage stuff...back in the old days when I worked in downtown Vancouver there was a shop called "The Deluxe Junk Company"...oh man, I was in there every pay day!!!! drool, drool, drool.

    Ok, I'm really gone this time...bye! :hiya:
  3. now I'm, never gonna get off the computer and get any work done

    welcome to the club!! :D

    Yes, we would love to see the clothes.

    I will check the links out in a few minutes, and am very impressed with the intro and the peek you have given us all to get to know you better!

    weekends can be slow here on the board at times, but things will get busier a little later on...lots of new people for you to meet!

  4. Hey, Bobbi!

    I love your mosaic boots. I actually want to make shoes with 'diamonds' on the soles (ala Paul Simon's <i>Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes</i>), so these were encouraging. Your cowgirl photo is cute, too!

    (the other Steph)
  5. Bobbi

    Bobbi Registered Guest

    Nice to meet you Steph (the other one)! Your diamond shoe plan sounds great! I gotta see those when there done..cool idea!

  6. Roxy De La Lune

    Roxy De La Lune Registered Guest

    Hi everyone,

    My name's Roxy De La Lune.

    I'm a photographic model from Kent, UK.

    Lorraine of Martha's Closet gave me your url :hiya:

    I am searching for a Betty Grable white swimsuit for a forthcoming photoshoot.

    I will also put a post on the wanted section :kiss2:

    Thanks for reading,

  7. Hi Roxy,

    Welcome! Hope someone here has what you're looking for.

    Always nice to meet someone new.

  8. Vintagetrend

    Vintagetrend Registered Guest

    Oooooooo I am not sure if I have an all white one...
    Let me take a look at my suits, at times I lose my mind and forget I have something..
    Welcome to the VFG...

    Give me a day or so.

  9. Hi Roxy!

    Welcome to our forum (and thanks to martha for recommending!)

    Do you do a lot of "vintage style" modelling on a regular basis, or is this for a special project?

    Nice to "meet" you!

  10. Roxy De La Lune

    Roxy De La Lune Registered Guest

    Hi there Carol, Michelle, & Chris :hiya:

    Thanks for the warm welcome :roll:

    Chris, to answer your question, this will be my first vintage project.

    My usual work is from fashion to art nude.

    I would LOVE to do more vintage modelling.

    I have an hourglass figure, so old Hollywood glamour really appeals to me :love008:

    The Betty Grable photo is actually going to be a present for my mum - that shot is her all time favourite.

    If I manage to find the costume, I will post the result if you'd like to see it when it's done?

    Thanks again for your help.

    Speak soon,

  11. We would love to see the results!

    Occassionally we share photos of ourselves in vintage and we have a few members here who act as their own live models for the items they sell as well.
  12. Hi Roxy!

    Welcome aboard! I don't have a suit like you are looking for but will keep my eyes open!

    Cheers~ Maureen:roll:

    By the way, that must be your picture in your avatar! You're adorable!! No wonder you're a model!! :clapping:
  13. Roxy De La Lune

    Roxy De La Lune Registered Guest

    Hi Maureen,

    Thank you for the warm welcome, and also thanks for the compliments :kiss2:

    Hope to chat to you again.

    Love & hugs, Roxy
  14. Renderking Fisk

    Renderking Fisk Registered Guest

    Good morning from the News Desk here at The Fedora Chronicles.

    I'm a vintage man, myself, covering how news and events from the Golden (and Not so Golden) years between 1930 and the years after World War II still effect us today.

    I'm more into vintage reproductions, and I'm always looking for other folks who share my obsession.

    What brought you to the vintage scene?
  15. BagDiva

    BagDiva Guest

    hi there and welcome...
    l shall contact my pal Lorri...she trades through my site as Ritzy retro and has a shop in Broadstairs Kent ..she may be able to help you.....

    sara x
  16. premierludwig

    premierludwig Registered Guest

    I really hope you find something, it's such a fabulous idea to do this for your mother, she'll be ecstatic!

    Best of luck, and I hope to see the finished image here!

    I think Betty Grable is fabulous, though I'm more of a Marilyn fan myself. Betty always wore the most fabulous fashions and had super fabulous hairstyles, she's lovely.

    ...have you already got the amazing killer heels? Can't waste an opportunity to wear a pair of fabulous shoes like that if you can find some! I know the clothes in the Hollywood films from that era were amazing, but I always notice the shoes, they had such divine creations back then, and they look so much more substantial than modern heels. I swear I can shop for at least an hour longer in that kind of footwear that my usual kitten heels. *and* you get more of a wiggle when you walk in those than regular stilettoes. LOL!

    Best of luck!

    love, moons and starrs,
  17. It's always interesting to me that the reason why we see her back is because the photographer was hiding her pregnancy. (much better than what they do on television shows...where the actress who is pregnant in real life but not on the show is always standing behind counters and carrying tote bags and groceries to hid the fact)
  18. Roxy De La Lune

    Roxy De La Lune Registered Guest

    Hi Sara,

    Any help would be greatly appreciated :USETHUMBUP:

    Thanks for posting,

  19. Roxy De La Lune

    Roxy De La Lune Registered Guest

    Hi Senti,

    I love shoes too :hiya:

    Any idea where I could get Betty shoes from?

    I'm a UK size 4.

    Love Roxy
  20. Anna_B

    Anna_B Registered Guest

    Hello, 28 years OLD, from Sweden. Loves unnecessary shoes & handbags.
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