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OLD THREAD 2004 -just registered? INTRODUCE YOURSELF

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Information Center - Welcome to the Forums' started by artisannes, Mar 20, 2004.

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  1. Hi Valeria!

    Welcome to the forum :)
  2. blacklilith

    blacklilith Registered Guest

    You're very kind! :love008: I've one year to think about it, we're planning to go in Lambretta, my boyfriend has a 150 Silver Special, and one of his friend (mod too) another one...so 1st I'll go with the friend to the town hall and after I'll go home with my husband! :love008:
  3. bartondoll

    bartondoll Guest

    Hi and welcome Valeria!

    I'm no help with the wedding dress, just wanted to say welcome!

  4. pastperfect2

    pastperfect2 Alumni +

    Hi - I posted on Senti's thread that I have a 60s wedding dress on my website - I don't know that's it Mod, but feel free to take a look. It's on The 60s and The 70s page.

  5. premierludwig

    premierludwig Registered Guest

    WOW! A proper mod wedding, on Lambrettas and everything!!! Oooohhh, I do hope we get to see pictures of this glorious day, how exciting! Usually I hate weddings, but this sounds like my kind of an event, LOL!

    Here's a link to the post I put up for you in the most wanted section incase you haven't seen it:
    Link to MOD WEDDING DRESS in most wanted section

    And Lizzie, I *love* that pattern, now that really *is* a mod weddign dress! Wow.

    Y'know, maybe weddings aren't quite so bad after all... boviously I've just never been to a decent one. All this talk of Mod weddings on here, and then there's an Anne Boleyn list that I'm on where someone recently had a Tudor wedding. I believe that one of the grooms designs Tudor style outfits and he, the gentleman he was marrying, and they groomsmaids were in fabulous Tudor style outfits, and they even have a cake in the shape of Henry VIIIs table with Henry and his wives sat round it.

    I've deffinately missed out on seeing a decent wedding. LOL!

    love, moons and starrs,
  6. gaildavid

    gaildavid VFG Member

    Hi Valeria. :hiya: Hope you are able to find what you are looking for. :)

  7. vintagista

    vintagista Registered Guest

    I'm new to the the vintage fashion guild (just registered today). I've been a vintageista for serveral years. My closet is ridiculously full. So full, that I'm in the process of opening my ecommerce site -- vintageista.com . If anyone has any advice, I'm all eyes :) .
  8. bug12oz

    bug12oz Registered Guest

    Hi and welcome to the forum!!:hiya:

    which webhosting service are you going through?

    I have my own website also. Next month I will be in business for 1 year!!!
    There are many things I have learned and many mistakes I have made and learned from.

    We will all have advise and will gladly share them with you....just ask away........:roll:
  9. Hattysattic

    Hattysattic VFG Member

    hello and welcome!:hiya:

    like jamie said, there's lots of advice to be had here - i'm in the same situation as you (but my website has been in the pipeline for a year now.. i'm very slow!) so it's great to be able to ask away!

  10. Coutureallure

    Coutureallure Alumni

    Welcome, Tenisha. We'd also like to see pics of some of your collection! It's wonderful to have you here!
  11. :hiya::hiya::hiya:Welcome a'board'

  12. gaildavid

    gaildavid VFG Member

  13. Howdy!

  14. cymbeline

    cymbeline Registered Guest

    HI Tenisha, Welcome!!
  15. Hi tenisha

  16. debutanteclothing

    debutanteclothing VFG Member

    Welcome Tenisha!
    You have come to the right place. Everyone here can give you sound advice on what to do and what not to do. Ultimately, your new business is YOUR baby and you have to make the right decisions for you.

    Good Luck on your exciting new business.
  17. fuzzylizzie

    fuzzylizzie Alumni

    Hi Tenisha, and welcome.

    Be sure to post links to your site so we can check it out!

  18. DressThatMan

    DressThatMan Registered Guest

    Hey there... we came over because someone in the private forum posted a link to our site - but, LOL... we can't get in there! Our statcounter let us know you visited.

    Anyway, hope all is well with you all today. Time to get back to work over here... will come back and visit when we can do more than a fly by.

    Hanging around those 70's clothes makes us feel like this


    ;^) Sam from DressThatMan
  19. Well hey there Sam!
    Someone on the private side gave us all the heads up on your cool vintage menswear site. I know I checked it out. Very cool!
    Nice to meet you, Sam.
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