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Vintage Chanel dress ??!?!?!

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by Laquita, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. Laquita

    Laquita Registered Guest

    Midge, I hit all kinds of NYC thrift shops,etc, for my work as a wardrobe stylist, and for resale and my own collecting- but the prices in the city are so high I pass up all kinds of wonderful items. But this gown....I still cannot believe it was at this auction!!! We have a country house out in Sullivan county NY and I hit auctions now and again.It was just the strangest collection of mostly junky items...what little clothing there was was mostly unremarkable 70's, almost all dirty and stained. How this dress ended up there,just boggles my mind.:dreaming:
  2. Lucitebox

    Lucitebox Registered Guest

    If there's not an opportunity to travel to Bret, you can always ship. When he was a Lucitebox customer, I shipped the items on approval. (Such a pleasure to deal with him.)

    Of course, I'd worry about shipping the Chanel! What if something happened to it in transit? In fact, I think I'd be so nervous, I'd probably have to hang it in my bedroom so I could wake up periodically throughout the night and know it was still there.

    Such a treasure to see this. I have to wonder, what are the odds that this dress would be amongst uninteresting '70s garments?
  3. Midge

    Midge Super Moderator Staff Member

    But I guess that's were the treasures turn up - in the country, at flea markets and simply being sold by people who have no idea what they're selling.

    It's much the same here in the city. There are those "vintage shops", often in "trendy" areas where rents are high and catering to people who have caught on to the vintage trend because it's hip right now. I only shop for myself, because I want to wear things that nobody else has, and because I truly love vintage fashion. I shop almost only at thrift stores run by charities - like the Salvation Army, the Caritas (or Humana when I'm in Vienna) etc. They do know what they're selling, and of course an evening gown won't be sold for only $10, but their prices are affordable and my money goes to a good cause.

    My friend found her incredible vintage Barbie doll in an online auction. It's an auction site only for Switzerland, and usually the few knowledgeable Barbie collectors there fight it out among themselves, outbidding each other and driving prices high. These people seem to have unlimited budgets. My friend is no less knowledgeable, but she can't spend hundreds on dolls and usually buys them at flea markets and restores them. Well, this doll was in a lot with other, much newer dolls and the photos were bad. None of the other collectors it seems took a good look at those pics, they probably dismissed that auction at first glance. My friend took a good look and got a real treasure for almost nothing.

  4. Laquita

    Laquita Registered Guest

    It sounds like Brett is back in PA, so I would travel to him if I get it restored. I'm really just starting to figure out what the best plan is...if I auction it at Sotheby's, they may want to do the restoration themselves?? This caliber of vintage is very new to me. I would be incredibly nervous to ship it!!!!
    Karin, that's a great story about your friend! I don't think they ship overseas, but you can check- I have found some real bargains and unique things on Goodwill's online auction site-including a lot of dolls....
  5. Leisa

    Leisa VFG Member

    He's also on facebook, Laquita. That might be easy for starters. :)
  6. Laquita

    Laquita Registered Guest

    Great Lisa-thank you!!! I'll friend him for sure...
    I love your kitty logo,btw...
  7. Laquita

    Laquita Registered Guest

    My apologies for the misspelling, Leisa!!!
  8. Leisa

    Leisa VFG Member

    No worries - I've been "called" worse. ;-)

    And thanks for the logo compliment. It was modelled after my dear lil kitty mz_bunny.

    She's gone, but the logo will stay forever!
  9. Laquita

    Laquita Registered Guest

    LOL-With a name like Laquita, I've been called a lot of things!!

    Mz Bunny....so cute!! I have a big fat happy one lying next to me right now, and his brother is snoring/twitching nearby. They are the best...and never with us long enough. Sweet that you used her image, really nice logo.
  10. mercyonthesubway

    mercyonthesubway Registered Guest

    *THUNK* speechless. And amazing. Please do type up the story and keep that with the dress.
  11. Laquita

    Laquita Registered Guest

    I will!! And I'll post as the story develops-it's gonna be a crazy bumpy ride, but one I'm excited to take!! In all my years of searching for beautiful vintage clothing, this one does indeed still blow my mind. To think I almost sold it on ebay without seeing the label!!!!!

  12. vintagedevotion

    vintagedevotion VFG Member

    Wow, just wow! How lucky for you! Please do keep us posted and best of luck with it!
  13. Laquita

    Laquita Registered Guest

    Thank you!!!!! I've said several times, but I have to repeat- you all have been the sweetest, most supportive and informative group of people-just so wonderful!!!!! I'm so glad to be a part of this community....
  14. Jencine

    Jencine Registered Guest

    How totally FUN!! :USETHUMBUP: I get very excited over things like this. I guess maybe this is what it's like for men when "their" football team wins? haha.

    Good for you! I can't wait to see what you dig up, I'm sure it will take awhile but there's gotta be a sketch/ad/something of your fantastic gown somewhere. I'm glad it wasn't put out to pasture per se.:drinkingtoast:

    I dig through thrift stores and look around my small metro neighborhood, but doubt I will ever find anything like this. Once in a lifetime you lucky gal! I'm NOT going to lie.. totally jealous. :wub:
  15. sandymess

    sandymess Registered Guest

    I'm late to the party, too. But I just HAD to congratulate you on your awesome find! Patience and perseverance do pay off after all. :drinkingtoast:

    I'll be looking forward to hearing updates on your journey with your beautiful dress. Congrats, again! :excited:

  16. Laquita

    Laquita Registered Guest

    Thank you Sandy!!!!! Latest update- I emailed Kerry Taylor auction,Sotheby's vintage auction house in London, on Saturday- she responded, I sent her photos and info- no reply yet. The journey begins....
  17. claireshaeffer

    claireshaeffer VFG Member

    A couple of things--the wrinkles may not come out, sadly. It depends on how long it was in the bag and where the bag was stored.

    I wouldn't spend a lot on restoration if you're planning to sell it. It never hurts to ask how much it will cost and you might learn some other things about it as well.

    What is the number under the label? or is there a number?

    The fabric looks like voided velvet. I don't think those are appliques on the skirt.

    My suggestion is to take the best picture possible. Don't try to press out wrinkles and write to Marika Genty, the archivist at Chanel. If they don't have a dress from this period and want it; they'll pay more in it's current condition than any other buyer. That doesn't mean you shouldn't talk to some auction people; however, most are not interested in a single item.

    Lastly, you can always put it on ebay. Do sell as is. A collector will either repair or conserve it themselves or have it done professionally. If you are not a superior needleworker, please don't attempt it.

    Good luck, Claire
  18. Laquita

    Laquita Registered Guest

    Claire, thank you so much for your input!! Couple of notes-
    -There is no number under the label- there is only the label itself
    -Don't know about the wrinkles, but I'm certainly, at this point, not going to try and press them out
    -It is definitely not voided velvet- all the appliques are hand sewn, velvet on top of silk taffeta
    -I would not sell this gown on ebay

    Again- I'll keep you all updated!
  19. Laquita

    Laquita Registered Guest

    Latest update-Kerry Taylor auctions is thrilled with the dress, we have a phone date on Friday.

  20. vertugarde

    vertugarde Alumni

    I'm echoing Claire on the velvet. That's interesting if the velvet isn't voided or devore (accent on the e). I'd love to see a real good close up of the velvet showing the edges if that's possible front and back. Thank you.

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